2015 Crop Production Meeting

Crop Production Meeting February 19, 2015 5:45-8pm Gerald R. Edmondson Agricultural Building 3098 Airport Road Crestview, FL RSVP by calling 850-689-5850 or emailing bearden@ufl.edu Agenda  5:45pm-6:10pm     Welcome and Dinner   6:10pm-7:00pm   “Disease Control for 2015” Dr. Nicholas Dufault, Extension Plant Pathologist, UF/IFAS Participants will learn how to identify common peanut, cotton, and soybean diseases.  They …

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Who Gets The Farm?


Farm families face unique issues concerning retirement and succession planning (who will get and/or run the farm when the farmer is no longer farming).  Farming involves so much planning, implementing and evaluating of farming methods that sometimes farmers overlook the retirement and succession planning part of the job.  But farmers shouldn’t overlook this important aspect …

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Panhandle Equine Health and Management Workshop

Photo by Jennifer Bearden

Join us for this educational evening! Topics will include: Equine Digestive System and Nutrition Equine Dental Care Internal Parasites of Equines Quality Forages When:  December 9, 2014 Time:  6-8:30pm Where:  UF/IFAS NFREC in Quincy Panhandle Equine Health and Management Workshop Flyer Please RSVP so that we have enough materials by December 1st by calling 850-689-5850 …

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Organic Agriculture

What is Organic agriculture? Organic agriculture produces products using methods that preserve the soil and environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as those in most pesticides and antibiotics. For products to be labeled and marketed as certified organic, the farmer, rancher, and/or food processor must follow USDA Organic Standards. In short, Organic farms and …

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Certified Pile Burner class

We are pleased to offer in cooperation with Florida Forest Service a Certified Pile Burner class in Okaloosa County.  The class will be held, Friday, September 12, 2014 from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  This class will be held at our office at 3098 Airport Road in Crestview. Okaloosa Certified Pile Burner Class Registration Packet 2014 Please register by …

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Okaloosa Farm Update July 2014

Kudzu bugs migrate to soybean plants

Kudzu bugs are migrating into soybean fields by the thousands! Farmers are beginning to treat the fields to protect them from damage. Kudzu bugs damage the soybean plants by piercing the stem and sucking out nutrient rich sap. Kudzu bugs can cause significant yield loss when left untreated. Farmers try to time the treatment so …

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Armyworms march across a soybean field

Fall armyworm damage to young soybean field

  I received a call yesterday to check a soybean field for armyworms.  Upon arriving, I found the field was about 70% defoliated.   Scouting is in order for late planted soybeans and pasture/hay fields.  This pest can completely defoliate a field in a week as was the case in the field pictured above.  According to …

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Fish Ponds Management Made Simple

farm pond

Since I have an Animal Science degree, I like to think about ponds this way: the pond is the pasture and the fish are the livestock. In this analogy, the pond must grow enough forage/food for the fish. The more fish you harvest from the pond, the more forages the pond needs to grow. Just …

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Armyworms on Tomatoes


These hungry caterpillars are munching on lots of green plants right now!  I normally look for them in hay fields but this year they are abundant elsewhere too. I had a backyard gardener bring one in for identification today.  It was on her tomato plants. These caterpillars can be controlled in the backyard garden with …

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Kudzu Bugs Invading Okaloosa County

Kudzu bugs feeding on kudzu vines

Florida is extending a warm welcome to a new pest! Last year, the Kudzu bug made its first appearance in our county. This year, they are settling in to stay. The kudzu bug was first documented in the US in 2009 in Northeast Georgia. It has quickly spread throughout the southeast. At first, a pest …

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