What are those evil looking weeds in my yard and pastures?

thistle 2

Thistles There are 9 species of thistle known to exist in Florida.  Most thistles are biennial plants.  They begin as a rosette.  The thistle remains in this stage for the first year.  In year two, the thistle sends up a stalk and flowers, produces seeds and dies.  Thistles bolt (send up the stalk) January through …

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Aquatic and Natural Areas Pesticide Training and Exam

Pesticide Training and Exams being offered at the University of Florida IFAS Okaloosa County Extension Office. March 31, 2014 8am-11am     Aquatic Pesticide Training 11am             Aquatic Exam 1pm-4pm       Natural Areas Training 4pm               Natural Areas Exam Cost is $10 for Aquatic Training and $10 for Natural Areas Training To receive a new Aquatic or Natural Areas pesticide …

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Cotton Farm Bill Meetings

ATTENTION Cotton Farmers:  You are encouraged to attend one of the educational meetings on the Farm Bill that the National Cotton Council will be conducting across the Cotton Belt March 17-25.  These meetings are aimed at providing a greater understanding of The Agricultural Act of 2014, the new five-year comprehensive farm law that includes fundamental changes in cotton’s safety net, a …

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Warm Season Wildlife Food Plots

Soybeans browsed by deer

There are many ways to improve white-tailed deer habitat.  One of those ways is planting agricultural crops in food plots.  Food plots are only one component of deer habitat management.  Other components include prescribed fire, thinning pines, and promote diversity of trees, shrubs, and grasses.  Food plots are used as either attractants or supplemental nutrition.  …

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Pond Management Workshop

jt fishing

You are invited to attend the Pond Management Workshop for 2014! February 17, 2014 9am-noon 9-9:50am – Pond Weed ID – Sheila Dunning 9:50-10:40am – Applying Aquatic Herbicides – Sheila Dunning BREAK 10:50-11:25am – Pond Fertilization and Maintenance – Jennifer Bearden 11:25-noon – Fish Pond Stocking – Jennifer Bearden 12:00-12:30pm – Light Lunch sponsored by …

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Pesticides and Our Foods

Tomato Field

In the US, only 2% of the citizens produce our food supply.  In order to feed the world, our farmers have adopted the use of Integrated Pest Management or IPM.  IPM is the coordinated use of pest and environmental information and available pest control methods to prevent unacceptable levels of damage by the most economical …

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2014 Crop Production Meeting

Learn about herbicde drift issues and insect control in cotton and soybeans.  Earn Pesticide CEUs.  Enjoy a delicious steak dinner. February 18, 2014 5:45pm-8:00pm       Speakers:  Dr. Ron Smith – Extension Entomologist from Auburn University Dr. Ramon Leon – Extension Weed Specialist from University of Florida Location: UF IFAS Extension Okaloosa County Office …

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Backyard Poultry

One Week Old Chicks

Raising chickens in your backyard is becoming a national fad.  There has been a push to change land use codes to allow for small scale poultry production in large cities and towns.  More people want to raise their own chickens for eggs and meat.  However, raising poultry is not for everyone. Before purchasing poultry, you …

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Let’s Talk Florida Ticks!

Lone Star Ticks carry Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness.

Let’s talk Ticks! Ticks can be found year round in Florida due to our mild winters.  They carry and transmit several diseases. Brown dog ticks are found mainly on dogs and can carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. American dog ticks are also usually found on dogs but will also attach to other mammals and humans.  …

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Forage Testing is Important to All Livestock Owners

hay sampling

Often people define hay quality in terms of palatability.  But we also need to consider other parameters such as digestibility and nutritional value.  To evaluate hay on these parameters, you need to sample and test your hay.  A hay sample is easy to take.  We sample each hay lot separately.  A hay lot is hay …

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