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Palm School Comes to Northwest Florida

With all the issues we will be facing with palms this year Palm School 2014 is the place to learn. Plan on attending April 29 & 30 in Destin.

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  1. Michael Clark

    I am interested in attending the Palm School in Destin April 29 & 30. Please send times, location, and registration information, including fees.

    Thank you!
    Michael clark

    1. Sheila Dunning

      If you click on Palm School 2014 in the SMS message it will link to the flyer.

  2. Lori

    Cannot seem to find a link that works to get details of the palm school.

    1. Brooke Saari

      If you click on Palm School 2014 in the post it will link to the flyer. The flyer has all of the information for registration and cost on it and who to contact for questions.

  3. Ken Nielsen

    Also excellent video tutorial featuring Sheila Dunning on caring for and pruning of cold weather damaged palms on the ALL NEW Okaloosa County Master Gardeners Show…follow this link to watch informative Master Gardener tutorials

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