Are You Prepared For A Storm?

Hurricane season is upon us and it is already an active season!  To help you be prepared for a storm, we have made several videos on the following topics: Food Inventory, Important Documents, Landscape, Children, Livestock, Boats, Post Storm Issues. For other valuable resources on planning for a storm, go to:  Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery. …

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2016 4-H Summer Camp set at Camp Timpoochee

Do you need something fun and educational for your child to do this summer? The Okaloosa County Extension Office has a suggestion for you – Camp Timpoochee. Camp Timpoochee, located in Niceville on the Choctawhatchee Bay, is the site for 4-H Camp for Okaloosa County. The 2016 camp for Okaloosa will be July 11-15 and …

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Vertical Gardening Seminar

The concept of vertical gardening may not be something you’ve put much thought into. But done correctly, vertical gardening can be a space saving idea in gardens and landscapes with limited room. Vining, sprawling vegetables such as some types of squash, cucumbers and running peas take up more garden space if they are allowed to …

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Gardening in June may include a visit to the plant clinic

June offers hotter temperatures, humidity and possible thunderstorm activity. In addition, school is out and many people take time to go on vacation. This leaves less time for landscape and garden chores. But there are things to do in the June landscape and garden here in the Northwest Florida area.  In today’s article, I’ll share …

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Bonsai show coming May 21 to Fort Walton Beach

The word bonsai is pronounced bone sigh, bon means tray or pot and sai means plant. Bonsai refers to the plant being miniaturized as well as to the technique used. In today’s article, Lynn Fabian, Okaloosa County Master Gardener and member of the Fort Walton Beach Bonsai Society, shares information on the art of bonsai …

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Steps to solve plant problem may include visit to plant clinic

Step 1 Identify the plant. By knowing the type of plant you can begin relating causes to symptoms seen on the plants. Step 2 Survey the site. Is the problem occurring to one plant or a group of plants? Is it a local problem in your landscape only or are other plants of the same …

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Learn about native plants by taking a stroll along our native plant trail

Join us for a casual stroll along our native plant trail at the UF/IFAS Okaloosa County Extension Office from 10-11 a.m. on Wednesday, April 20. The Extension Office is located at 3098 Airport Road in Crestview. During the quarter mile walk we will view the variety of native plants listed in the Master Gardener prepared …

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Lawn burweed and April plant clinic

Lawn burweed is a winter annual weed that becomes problematic in spring. It is a low-growing weed with leaves somewhat resembling a miniature version of parsley. Burweed seeds germinate in fall. The plants remain small and inconspicuous during winter. It’s not until temperatures warm in spring that this innocent-looking and often unnoticed weed begins rapid …

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Plant clinic and bee seminar offered in March

Okaloosa County Master Gardeners will provide two gardening events this month at the Okaloosa County Extension Annex located at 127 W. Hollywood Boulevard in Fort Walton Beach. Plant Clinic The first plant clinic of this year will be provided by Okaloosa County Master Gardeners from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, March 11. The …

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Pesticide Trainings

If you need a Private Applicator Pesticide license or an Aquatic Pest Control license, we have the training for you. March 17, 2016 Aquatic Pest Control Training and Exam (CEUs available) from 8:00am-11:30am Private Applicator Training and Exam (CEUs available) from 9am-11:30am General Standards (CORE) Training and Exam (CEUs available) from Noon-4pm Cost is $10 …

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