Flood Response: Post Flood Safety

The following provides information on safety regarding the following areas: 1) FLOOD WATER SAFETY 2) FLOODING/STORMS CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS WITH SEWAGE SYSTEMS 3) ALERT TO PRIVATE WELL OWNERS IN FLOODED AREAS ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 1) The Florida Department of Health advises residents impacted by flooding to take the following precautions. Moving Flood Water – During flooding, the …

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Flood Response: Helpful Resources for After the Flood

The month of May and after is going to be a time of recovery for Northwest Florida.  On April 30th, 2014 many residents awoke, if they slept at all, to drenched neighborhoods and all of the damage and destruction that followed.  This storm took most by surprise.  Though recovery may be slow and tough at …

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Flood Response: Landscape Concerns

With all of these extreme weather events in Northwest Florida, our landscapes are taking a beating.  From being frozen during the ice storm, heavy rains in winter and now our recent flood our landscapes will respond in a variety of ways.  Please refer to the following articles from Sheila Dunning, Commercial Horticulture Agent, University of …

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Flood Response: Wildlife Response, Safety, and Rescue

After a flood event people are trying to recover and may not consider that many wild animals were also impacted.  Not only are many of our neighbors displaced from their homes but many animals such as mammals, insects, reptiles are as well.  Proper safety measures should be exercised during and after floods.  The following article …

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