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Be Careful with Pruning and Fertilizing in Winter (12.0KB) (February 6)

2012 Eco-Nomic Living Expo (12.0KB) (January 25)

Things To Do In The Winter Garden (12.0KB) (January 23)

2012 Florida Arbor Day Celebration in Crestview (24.0KB) (January 16)Florida 220Florida Arbor Day Celebration in Cstview

Camellia Flowers That Don't Open (20KB) January 9
2012 Florida Garden Select Plants (12.0KB) January 3


Poinsettias Brighten the Christmas Season (12.0KB) (December 21)
Growing Fruits With Limited Space (40.0KB) (December 19)
Your Firewood Could Be "bugged" (12.0KB) (December 11)
Be Careful to Not Overuse Pesicides (12.0KB) (November28)Plant Shrubs and Trees in Fall (12.0KB) (November 21)
Free Household Hazardous Waste Disposal (28.0KB)  (November 14)
Beekeeping Classes at Okaloosa County Extension Office (12.0KB) (November 3)
Fall and Winter Lawn Care (16.0KB) (October 31)
Fair fun, 4-H & Learning (16.0KB) (October 24)
Fall Leaves Help Control Weeds (12.0KB) (October 17)
Wildflower Plant Sale (12.0KB) (October 10)
October Gardening in Northwest Florida (12.0KB) (October 3)
Do Not Fertilize Lawn in Fall (12.0KB) (September 26)
Fall Home and Garden Expo (28.0KB) (September19)
Why Let Your Backyard Be a Source of Worry? (16.0KB) (September 9)
Trees That Suddenly Die (12.0KB) (September 5)
Time for Fall Vegetable Garden (12.0KB) (August 29)
August Landscape Chores (16.0KB) (August 22)
Trees to Consider for Florida Landscapes (12.0KB) (August 15)
Wet Weather promotes Black Spot on Roses (12.0KB)     (August 1)
Wisteria Gone Wild (28.0KB) (July 25)
Gray Leaf Spot Can be  Diagnosed at Plant Clinic
(27.3KB) (July 10)

Florida Pusley is a Common, Native Weed (23.9KB) (July 10)
Understanding Fertilizer (29.2KB) (July 5)
Too Much Mulch Can Kill Trees (26.4KB) (June 26)
Saltwater Can be a Problem in Some Area Wells
(27.8KB) (June 19)

Cucumbers and Squash Not Setting Fruit (27.6KB) (June 12)Manage Landscape Irrigation During Dry Weather
(27.5KB) (June 5)
Not All Bugs Are Bad (29.9KB) (May 29)
Dry Areas in Lawns (27.3KB) (May 22)
Plant Clinic and Proper Management Helps During Drought
(28.6KB) (May 15)
Mole Control (32.0KB) (May 8)
Consider Native Plants (28.3 KB) (May 1)
Plant the Right Size Plant in the Right Size Place (25.6KB) (April 24)
Consider Container Gardening for Splash of Color (27.0KB) (April 17)
Tips on Pruning Landscape Plants (29.4KB) (April 10)
Spring Dead Spots Common in Lawns (26.0KB) (April 3)Upcoming Seminars on How to Grow Tomatoes & Lawns (28.1KB) (March 27)
Learn How to Grow Tomatoes in Florida (12.0KB) (March 20)
Weed ID at Plant Clinic (26.7KB PDF) (March 13)

Crape Myrtle or Coat Rack? (26KB PDF) (March 6)

Do You Fertilize Your Lawn Too Early? (28.4KB PDF)
(February 20)

Smelly Mushrooms Are Back (28.7KB PDF) (February 13)

All The Right Plants In All The Right Places (25.8KB PDF) (February 6)

2011 Eco-Nomic Living Expo (30.9KB PDF) (January 29)

Do Plants Respond to Wind Chill (26.7KB PDF) (January 23)

2011 Florida Arbor Day Celebration in Crestview (28.9KB PDF) (January 16)

New Fly Released in Florida Decapitates Fire Ants
(30.4KB PDF) (January 9)

2011 Florida Garden Select Plants (30.9KB PDF)
January 2 )


Talk to Expert Before Choosing Fruit Trees (12.0KB PDF) (December 26 )
Christmas Plants Can Last Beyond The Holidays (28KB PDF)
(December 19)
Be Patient With Cold Injured Plants (77.1KB PDF)
(December 12)
Provide a Little Bit of the Tropics for Your House Plants This Winter (32.8KB PDF) (December 5)
Asparagus Lovers May Find Asparagus Doesn't Love Florida
(60.3KB PDF) (November 28)
Oriental Persimmon (28.0KB PDF) (November 21)
Azaleas Dying and Lichen on Palms (74.2KB PDF)
(November 14)
Some Seasonal Leaf Change is Normal (26.9KB PDF)
(November 7)
Scary Things Are Happening in Our Landscapes
(35.8KB PDF) (October 31)
Final Plant Clinic for 2010 (43.6KB PDF) (October 24)
Don't Wait Too Late to Control Winter Annual Lawn Weeds (16KB PDF) (October 17)
Goldenrod Wrongly Blamed for Allergies (43.5KB PDF)
(October 10)
American Beautyberry (43.1KB PDF) (October 3)
Fall Home & Garden Expo (37.8KB PDF) (September 26)
Plant Clinic and Fall Home & Garden Expo (52.5KB PDF)
(September 19)
Thatch in Lawns and When to Prune Azaleas
(43.8KB PDF) (September 12)
Azaleas, Butterflies and Clinics (56.1KB PDF)
(September 5)
Timing and Persistence, Important in Chamberbitter
(46.1KB PDF) (August 29)
Fall Webworms: Unsightly, Not Damaging (43.3KB PDF)
(August 22)
Caterpillars are Feeding in Local Lawns (36.7KB PDF)
(August 15)
Gray Leaf Spot, Common Disease of St. Augustine
(42.9KB PDF) (August 8)
Take-All Root Rot, Common in Lawns (37.3KB PDF)
(August 1)
New Noninvasive Varieties of Invasive Ornamentals
(48.9KB PDF) (July 25)
Wet Weather Promotes Foliage Diseases (41.3KB PDF)
(July 18)
Mayhaws for North Florida (47.2KB PDF) (July 11)
Wasps: Beneficial or Too Close for Comfort (46.3KB PDF)
(July 4)

Learn Common Lawn Insects (28.2KB PDF) (June 27)
Want To Become A Master Gardener? (42.7KB PDF)
(June 20)

Helping Oiled Wildlife (42.9KB PDF) (June 13)
How Many Square Feet is Your Lawn?  (38.0KB PDF)
(June 6)
Harvesting Vegetables at Their Peak (43.2KB PDF) (May 30)Orange Dog Caterpillars Turn Into Beautiful Swallowtail Butterflies (36.8KB PDF) (May 23)
Abnormal Azalea and Camellia Leaves (12.0KB) (May 16)
Evergreen Trees Dropping Leaves (12.0KB PDF) (May 9)
Don't Blame Dry Spots on Lawn Pests (11.3KB PDF) (May 1)Sudden Wilt Of Tomato Plants (36.8KB PDF) (April 25)
Weed and Feed Not Fool Proof (46.1KB PDF) (April 18)
Citrus 101 Seminar (37.3KB PDF) (April 11)
Solitary Bees Active in Spring (40.5KB PDF) (April 4)
Keys to Growing Tomatoes in Florida (45KB PDF) (March 28)Plant Clinic and Home Show Provide Advice on Lawns
(43.4KB PDF) (March 21)

Seminars Teach How to Grow Tomatoes in Florida
(39.1KB PDF) (March 14)
Spring Fever May Turn Into a Lawn Headache (43.4KB PDF) (March 7)
Cold Winters Confuse Local Fruit Trees (44.5KB PDF) (February 28)
Second Eco-Nomic Living Expo (49.9KB PDF) (February 21)Cold Damaged Palms (35.2KB PDF) (February 14)
Time for Preemergence Herbicides, If Needed
  (44.5KB PDF) (February 7)

Can Club Soda Control Fire Ants? (52.4KB PDF) (January 31)

Care of Freeze-Injured Citrus Trees (35.3KB PDF)
   (January 24)

Don't Prune Cold Injured Plants Too Soon (35.9KB PDF)
   (January 17)
2010 Florida Arbor Day Celebration in Crestview (42.8KB PDF)
   (January 10)


Winter Gardening Activities (41.8KB PDF) (December 27)

Okaloosa County Master Gardeners Receive State Awards
  (45.9KB PDF) (December 20)

Living Christmas Tree Can Be Enjoyed For Years (45.6KB PDF)
  (December 6)

Horticulture Newsletter Deemed Best in Nation (40.8KB PDF)
  (November 29)

Okra Tastes Like Nothing Else (28.0KB PDF) (November 22)
Lawns are Supposed to Go Dormant (34.9KB PDF)
  (November 15)

Memories of My Mom (35.9KB PDF) (November 8)

White Spots on Magnolia Leaves are Common (38.2KB PDF)
   (November 1)

Final Plant Clinic of the Year (37.0KB PDF) (October 25)

Gardens Provide Fond Memories (35.7KB PDF)
    (October 18)

Memories of My Dad (36.2KB PDF) (October 11)

Mushrooms are Common During Wet Weather (37.3KB PDF)
    (October 4)

Fall Takes Toll on Tree Leaves (40.2KB PDF) (September 27)

Why Worry With Fall Webworms (39.8KB PDF)
    (September 20)

Fire Ant Control May Include Doing Nothing
    (35.7KB PDF) (September13)

Muscadine Grapes, a Southern Treat (43.0KB PDF)
    (September 6)

How to Water to Establish a Lawn (42.6KB PDF)
    (August 30)

Lichens May Mean Something is Lacking (43.2KB PDF)
    (August 23)
Late Summer Landscape Jobs That Pay Off Later
   (37.6KB PDF) (August 16)

Avoid Tree Damage During Home Construction (42.3KB PDF)
(August 9)
Tomato Fruit Troubles (34.7KB PDF) (August 2)
Buy From Local Farmers, Help Your Community (41.1KB PDF)
    (July 26)
Northwest Florida Lawns Are Frustrating (37.4KB PDF)
    (July 19)
Reduce Need for Irrigation With Drought Tolerant Plants
   (43.7KB PDF) (July 7)
Water Efficient Landscapes by Design (43.0KB PDF)
   (June 30)

Steps to Solve Plant Problem May Include Visit to
Plant Clinic
(43.7KB PDF) (June 23)
Be Wise With Pesticides (45.3KB) (June 9)
Compost: Trash to Garden Treasure (36.9KB PDF) (June 2)Dealing With Unwanted Wildlife (35.7KB PDF) (May 26)Irrigating and Fertilizing Newly Planted Sod (28KB PDF)
   (May 19)

Ornamental Peppers May Add Spice to Your Landscap
(12.0KB PDF) (May 5)
Keep Your Soil Healthy (12.0KB PDF) (April 28)
Mole Crickets Best Controlled June through July (12.0KB PDF)
ril 21)
2009 Master Gardener plant sale and plant clinic
(16.0KB PDF)  (April 14)
Have Patience with Lawn This Spring (12.0KB PDF) (April 7)
2009 Home Show Include Lawn and Landscape Seminars
(12.0KB PDF) (March 31)
Get Head Start on Weeds at First Plant Clinic for 2009
(12.0KB) (March 24)
Winter Annual Weeds, a Great Place to Hide Easter Eggs
(12.0KB PDF) (March17)
Seminar to Teach How to Grow Tomatoes in Florida
   (40.8KB PDF) (March 10)
Fertilize Your Florida Lawn Correctly (39.7KB PDF) (March 3)Poisonous Plants of Northwest Florida Lecture (39.7KB PDF)
ruary 24)
Eco-Nomic Living Expo (49.5KB PDF) (February 17)

Does It Cost To Have a Lawn? (41.1KB PDF) (February 10)
Dos And Don'ts of February Gardening (44.2KB PDF)
   (February 3)
Avoid Calendar Approach to Controlling Lawn Pests
   (43.5KB PDF) (January 27)
Delay Pruning Cold Injured Plants (37.2KB PDF) (January 20)
2009 Florida Arbor Day Celebration in Crestview
   (43.2KB PDF) (January 13)
2009 Plants of the Year (41.8KB PDF) (January 6)




Planting and Transplanting Trees and Shrubs
   (43.8KB PDF) (December 30)
Christmas Cactus (45.0KB PDF) (December 23)
Christmas Decorations From Your Backyard
   (50.5KB PDF) December 16
Christmas Gifts For The Gardener (51.1KB PDF)
   December 9

Thatch in Lawns is Misunderstood (45.6KB PDF)
   December 2
Look For New Southern Magnolia Cultivars
    (50.9KB PDF) November 25
Native Versus Non-Native Plants (43.2KB PDF)
    November 18
You Can't Take the Tropics Out of the Plant (26.5KB PDF)
    November 11
Take Time to Evaluate Landscape This Fall (11.5KB PDF)
    November 4
Halloween Is Not The Only Scary Time For Bugs
(12.0KB PDF) October 28
Some Foliage Change is Normal Now (11.0KB PDF)
    October 21

Time to Control Winter Annual Lawn Weeds, If Needed
   (11.9KB PDF) October 14
Black Twig Borers Active in Local Trees (12.4KB PDF)
    October 7

Watch For Sod Webworms in Lawn During Fall
    (11.8KB PDF) September 30
Brown Patch is Occurring Early in Some Lawns This Year

    (11.9KB PDF) September 23
The Truth About Lovebugs (16KB PDF) September 16
Spider Too Close For Comfort (10.9KB PDF) September 9
Be Careful With High Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizers in Fall
   (11.8KB PDF) September 2
Prepare Fall/Winter Vegetable Garden Now (11.1KB PDF)
ugust 26
Wasps Are Beneficial In Our Gardens (11.3KB PDF) August 19 Most Homeowners Can't Correctly Answer Basic Lawn
(11.3KB PDF) August 12
Some Trees Are Fried Eggs (11KB PDF) August 5
Rising Production Costs Consume Farm Profits
   (38.3KB PDF) July 29
Should We Lower Our Expectations For a Florida Lawn?
   (11.1KB PDF) July 22
Oleander Caterpillars Provide Lessons in Landscaping
    (12KB PDF) July 15
Lack of Fruiting in Cucumbers (16KB PDF) July 8
Time 2008 Master Gardener Program (16KB PDF) July 1
Leyland Cypress Problems Continue (12KB PDF) June 24
Reduce Gasoline Use In Your Yard (12KB PDF) June 17
June Events to Help With Your Lawn and Landscape
    (12KB PDF) June 10
Soap, Oil and Bt Products (16KB PDF) June 3
Trees and Power Lines (16KB PDF) May 27
Not All Insects need to be Killed (16KB PDF) May 20
Try Container-grown Annuals to Brighten Bare Spots in
Landscape (16KB PDF) May 13
Preparing Lawn for Dry Weather (16KB PDF) May 6
Sanding a Lawn, Is It Worth It?  (12KB PDF) April 29
Master Gardener Plant Sale and Plant Clinic (12KB PDF)
    April 22
Non-Point Fertilizer Pollution in Florida's Waterbodies
    (32KB PDF) April 15
Best Lawngrass and Mole Cricket Control Questions
    (12KB PDF) April 8
2008 Home Show Includes Lawn & Landscape Seminars
    (12KB PDF) April 1
Too Much Fertilizer Could Increase Chinch Bug Numbers in
    Lawn (16KB PDF) March 25
Get a Head Start on Weeds at First Plant Clinic for 2008
    (12KB PDF) March 18

Seminar to Teach How to Grow Tomatoes in Florida
    (12KB PDF) March 11
Ground-Dwelling Bees are Active Now (12KB PDF)
    March 4
Agriculture Benefits All Florida Citizens (12KB PDF)
    February 26

Seminars Teach the Public & Professionals About Palms
    (12KB PDF) February 19
If You Plan to Control Annual Lawn Weeds, Put it on Your
(12KB PDF) February 12
Do Your Homework Before Planting Fruit Trees
    (12KB PDF) February 5
Care of Freeze-Damaged Citrus Trees (12KB PDF)
    January 29
Resist the Urge to Prune Cold Damaged Landscape Plants
    (11KB PDF) January 22
Florida Arbor Day Celebration in Crestview (12KB PDF)
    January 15
2008 Plants of the Year (13KB PDF)
January 8
Get Back to Lawn Care Basics in 2008 (12KB PDF)
January 1



Biblical Trees in Florida (12KB PDF)
    December 25
Planting & Pruning Ornamentals During Fall & Winter
    (12KB PDF) December 18
Acorns Abound This Year (12KB PDF)
    December 11
Near Record Pecan Crop Renews Interest in Pecan
    Production (12KB PDF)
December 4
Confusion Over the Name Salamander vs Pocket
(12KB PDF) November 27
Rainlily is a Great Flowering Bulb for Florida
    (13KB PDF)
November 20
Decrease in Honey Bee Population Impacting Crops
    (12KB PDF) November 13
Answers to Fall & Winter Lawn Care Questions (12KB PDF)
October 30
Citrus Leafminer & Winter Lawns (12KB PDF)
    October 23
Winterizer Fertilizer & Winter Lawns (12KB PDF)
October 16
Fall is Florida's Best Gardening Season (12KB PDF)
October 9
Tree/Shrub Failure - Pest or Planting Depth? (15KB PDF)
ctober 2
Compost: Trash to Garden Treasure (12KB PDF)
September 25
Some Caterpillars Active During Late Summer & Fall
(12KB PDF) September 18
Late Summer, Early Fall Lawn Insects (12KB PDF)
September 11
Fall Vegetable Gardening (11KB PDF)
September 4
Trees That Suddenly Turn Brown (12KB PDF)
August 28
Pruning Overgrown Plants (11KB PDF)
August 21
Late Summer Landscape Jobs (12KB PDF)
August 7
Crape Myrtle Frequently Asked Questions (12KB PDF)
July 31
Solarization Helps Reduce Nematodes in Vegetable Gardens
    (12KB PDF) July 24

Beware of Wonder Grasses (12KB PDF)
July 17
Correct Lawn Mowing Can Correct Lawn Problems
    (12KB PDF) July 10

Figs & Citrus Require Correct Pruning & Fertilization
(20KB PDF) July 3
Monitoring for Common Lawn Insects (12KB PDF)
June 26
Tree Decline (12KB PDF)
June 5




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