Care of common flowering Christmas plants

Poinsettia plant Credit: UF/IFAS Photo: Tyler Jones

Christmas cactus, poinsettia, kalanchoe and cyclamen are some of the flowering holiday plants that can be kept for enjoyment beyond the holidays. All of these plants require bright, indirect light. They should be placed close to a sunny window and turned once a week to prevent them from leaning toward the light. In rooms with …

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Tropical sod webworms are active in local lawns

During the past few weeks numerous people have contacted the Okaloosa County Extension Office seeking diagnostic assistance and control options concerning fall sod webworms in their lawns. Sod webworms are not consistently a problem every year. Some years their numbers are low enough that they are not a problem. Some years we do not see …

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A study of native plants

In the Gulf Coast we have a wealth of interesting plants that demand a lifetime of study. Dan Mullins, retired UF/IFAS Extension Agent, and I provide some insight into why our area is a prime region for the study of native plants in today’s article. Our coastal counties allow us to begin in the forested …

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Fall and winter lawn care

Should I apply a “winterizer” fertilizer to my lawn?  The time to fertilize our warm-season grasses in Florida is during the growing season, not when our lawns are going to “sleep” for the winter. Many so-called winterizer fertilizers can cause more damage than good if they contain too much nitrogen and too little potassium. These …

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No cure for trees that suddenly turn brown

We’ve seen many trees, particularly oaks, which appeared to suddenly die this year. So far, what we are finding involves mostly older trees that were already stressed/injured. These trees experienced additional injury due to our excessive rains, flooding and freezing weather. Remember our cold damaged palms, sagos, bottlebrush plants, and etcetera? It’s not uncommon to …

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Mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus in Northwest Florida

Chikungunya, a virus transmitted by mosquitoes to humans, has made its way to Northwest Florida. The first known cases of Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) in the Americas were reported in the Caribbean in December 2013. As of this summer (2014), up to 500,000 cases of CHIKV have been reported in the Caribbean. In July this year, …

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August in the North Florida garden

August can be a tough month for our gardens and for the gardener. Our hot, humid weather this time of year may not be too appealing for being outdoors. But if you can do your garden chores in the coolest part of the day, there’s much to do this time of year in our lawns, …

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Lawn, landscape and garden diseases increase with wet weather

The frequent rains and high humidity of summer provide ideal conditions for foliage disease development in our lawns, landscapes and gardens. Most fungal diseases are dependent on moisture, especially foliage or leaf spot diseases. Many of these disease-causing fungi spread by microscopic airborne spores that require moisture to germinate, infect and colonize our plants. Many …

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Pickleworms, stinkbugs & leaffooted bugs in the summer garden

Q. What are the little worms that tunnel into my cucumbers and how can I control them? A. These are pickleworms. They can be difficult to control. Planting early and harvesting on a regular basis are good cultural methods to follow in growing cucurbits (cucumbers, melons and squash) to minimize pest problems. There are insecticides …

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Easy to grow plants for summer color

The hot summer months can provide vivid color in your landscape if you select and plant the right plants. And the following fairly easy to grow plants are described in today’s article by David Marshall, retired University of Florida Extension Agent. Daylilies are not foolproof but they are well suited to North Florida’s climate. There …

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