Trees for Fall Color in North Florida

Florida is not known for the brilliant fall color enjoyed by some of our northern neighbors. But, we do have a number of trees from which to choose to provide some fall color in our landscapes here in North Florida. Our native flowering dogwood provides some change in color before dropping its leaves. You can …

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Blame Ragweed Not Goldenrod for Fall Hay Fever


Goldenrod is easily recognizable this time of year with its showy yellow flowers held high on stems moving back and forth by autumn winds. A field full of these vivid yellow blossoms is a sight to see with a bright blue fall sky as a background. But too often this plant is blamed for the sneezing, …

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Why worry with fall webworms – attend plant clinic

Fall webworm webbing in persimmon tree. Photo credit: Larry Williams

Fall webworms are normally observed during late summer and fall when people notice the unsightly whitish or light gray webs in certain trees. Webworms enclose leaves and ends of branches with silken webbing. The worms (caterpillars) are found in this protective webbing consuming leaves. Although they can defoliate branches on which they are feeding, very …

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Fall vegetable gardening and September plant clinic

We are fortunate to be able to grow some sort of vegetables year round in Florida. But not all vegetables will grow year round. Planting time is critical. Cool-season crops tolerate and require lower temperature. Many of these cool-season vegetables, sometimes called fall or winter crops, can be planted this month. The below recommended planting …

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Tropical Sod Webworms Active in Local Lawns

Q. I noticed small brown moths flying low to the ground in my lawn. Should I be concerned about this? A. Yes and no. These are probably adults of the tropical sod webworm. Moths have a wingspan of about ¾ inch and are a dingy brown. Moths do not cause damage. So don’t bother trying …

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August Landscape Chores & Plant Clinic

Apalachee crapemyrtle in full bloom, Photo Credit: Gary Knox

August can be a tough month in the North Florida landscape. Heat, humidity, insects and diseases can take their toll on both the landscape and the gardener. But there are things to do now that can make a big difference in your landscape in the near future. Now is a good time to cleanup roses …

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UF/IFAS offers solutions for your landscape and more

Solutions for Your Life Website. Photo Credit: UF/IFAS Extension

Perhaps we spend too much time concerned with what’s wrong in our landscapes. Though, we can learn from our mistakes. It’s helpful to identify why a plant failed or gain correct identification for a weed in order to better control it. Maybe we should spend more time learning why other plants performed so well. Could …

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Apply lawn preemergence herbicide now, if needed

We are quickly approaching the window of opportunity to use a preemergence herbicide in lawns. But not every lawn needs an application of preemergence herbicide – only those lawns that have a history of summer annual weeds. When used correctly, preemergence herbicides form a chemical barrier on the soil surface that prevents annual weeds from …

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Control winter lawn weeds early & attend Plant Clinic

Timing is critical when it comes to weed control. The mistake most homeowners make is to wait too late to treat winter weeds. If you plan to use a preemergence herbicide in your lawn to control winter annual weeds, you need to apply the product during October when nighttime temperatures drop to 55° to 60° …

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It’s wise to prepare for a storm

Tree Damage to Home from Hurricane Ivan. Photo Credit: Larry Williams

Tropical storm season officially ends November 30. I’m not predicting a storm but even with our average winds during a typical thunderstorm, you’d be wise to prepare. Falling trees and flying landscape debris during a storm can cause damage. Evaluate your landscape for potential tree hazards. Pruning or removing trees once a hurricane watch has …

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