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I consider this column to be a tool to extend UF/IFAS Extension research-based information. The reading audience includes you. The readers are provided with the most current information to assist them with developing and managing their lawns, landscapes and gardens in a Florida-friendly way. In a “nutshell,” this is what any extension agent/educator (sometimes referred …

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Control Winter Annual Lawn Weeds in October

During late February to mid-April, homeowners bring in bags of winter annual weeds from their lawns wanting advice on how to control them. They usually seem disappointed and confused when I tell them that it’s too late to bother with controlling winter annual weeds during late winter to early spring. Standing there holding a bag …

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Caterpillars That Sting are in Northwest Florida

Did you know we have caterpillars that sting here in Northwest Florida? Well, we do and you’d be wise to learn about them and how to recognize them. These caterpillars do not sting in the same way that a wasp or bee might sting. They do not have “stingers.” But they do have spines, also …

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Ground Pearls, the Peril of Local Lawns

There are numerous reasons why maintaining a North Florida lawn is challenging and ultimately frustrating. One such reason is ground pearls. Ground pearls, small scale insects that bother lawn grass roots, are soil dwelling pests that are not much of a problem in northern lawns. But they are quite the problem here in our North …

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Best Lawn Grass and Mole Cricket Control Questions

Q. What’s the best lawn grass for North Florida? A. Choosing a lawn grass involves selecting a grass that best fits the site conditions. Is the site shady, do you have an irrigation system, is salt spray or saltwater a factor? Means of establishment should be considered. Can the grass be established from seeds or …

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When and How to Prune Roses

Many of the roses grown in Florida require regular maintenance. Part of this maintenance includes pruning. But new gardeners sometimes have a hard time getting up the nerve to cut their rose bushes back. Matt Orwat, UF/IFAS Extension Agent in Washington County, provides the basics on rose pruning in today’s article. When and how do …

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Pruning Oleander, Hibiscus and Azalea

Q. I have large oleanders that need to be pruned. When should they be pruned and how drastically can they be cut back? A. The best time to prune oleanders is during late winter just before new growth occurs (February – March). Oleanders flower on current season’s growth. So if you prune at the above …

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Is it Winter or is it Spring?

Northwest Florida winters can be a rollercoaster ride of temperatures. One week it dips to freezing for a short time and the next week it rises to spring-like temperatures. We need to hold on for this ride of up and down temperatures but not over react too soon. Following the sudden ride down to the …

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Overseeding and Dealing with Thatch in Lawn

Q. During late fall I put down some centipedegrass sod. Will it harm my centipede sod if I overseed my new lawn with ryegrass seed? A. The ryegrass can compete with the permanent grass. I have seen centipede lawns that were weakened during spring green up, attempting to outcompete the ryegrass. The extra fertilizer also …

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Enjoy Japanese Magnolias While They Are In Bloom

Japanese or Saucer Magnolias, Magnolia × soulangiana, are known for their display of flowers in late winter and early spring. This has been one of the best seasons that I’ve seen in a while to enjoy these early flowering Japanese Magnolias here in Northwest Florida. They are in bloom now. Because they bloom so early, …

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