UF/IFAS offers solutions for your landscape and more

Perhaps we spend too much time concerned with what’s wrong in our landscapes. Though, we can learn from our mistakes. It’s helpful to identify why a plant failed or gain correct identification for a weed in order to better control it. Maybe we should spend more time learning why other plants performed so well. Could …

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Apply lawn preemergence herbicide now, if needed

We are quickly approaching the window of opportunity to use a preemergence herbicide in lawns. But not every lawn needs an application of preemergence herbicide – only those lawns that have a history of summer annual weeds. When used correctly, preemergence herbicides form a chemical barrier on the soil surface that prevents annual weeds from …

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Control winter lawn weeds early & attend Plant Clinic

Timing is critical when it comes to weed control. The mistake most homeowners make is to wait too late to treat winter weeds. If you plan to use a preemergence herbicide in your lawn to control winter annual weeds, you need to apply the product during October when nighttime temperatures drop to 55° to 60° …

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It’s wise to prepare for a storm

Tropical storm season officially ends November 30. I’m not predicting a storm but even with our average winds during a typical thunderstorm, you’d be wise to prepare. Falling trees and flying landscape debris during a storm can cause damage. Evaluate your landscape for potential tree hazards. Pruning or removing trees once a hurricane watch has …

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Reestablish Old, Declining Lawn and Attend Plant Clinic

Many older, thinning, declining lawns need to be reestablished. Sometimes we waste time and money attempting to rejuvenate an older, thinning, weedy lawn when the best solution is to start over. Common causes for lawn decline include soil compaction, nutrient imbalances, tree competition, root pests and improper lawn maintenance practices.  When less than sixty percent …

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Brighten Bare Spots in Landscape with Container-grown Annual Flowers

There are areas in most landscapes where it just is not practical or possible to bring in the tiller and create a flowerbed. A little imagination, a decorative container and appropriate plants can turn a bare spot into a splash of color. Consider using a container of annuals to add color to a backyard deck …

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Place tender plants properly to minimize cold injury

Even though we live in the coldest area of Florida, as some newcomers have recently experienced firsthand, we can minimize freeze damage to our tender landscape plants through thoughtful placement.  Dr. Robert Black, former UF/IFAS Extension horticulture specialist, shares some sound advice on cold protection for the tender ornamentals that don’t particularly like our North …

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February Do’s and Don’ts in the Lawn and Landscape

February can be a confusing month for North Florida gardeners. Winter isn’t over. So don’t let spring fever cause you to make some gardening mistakes. Despite the colder temperatures that we can experience this month, it’s still okay to plant trees and shrubs from containers into the ground. The roots are better protected in the …

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Fallen Leaves, Great Resource for Gardeners

Homeowners take on the job of ridding their lawns and landscapes of fallen tree leaves in different ways. But don’t just throw those leaves away. They are a valuable resource in gardening. Leaves make good mulch when placed on the soil surface beneath and around shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals. Make sure to maintain the …

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Camellia Flowers that Fail to Open

Q. I have older camellia plants that produce plenty of flower buds but they fail to open. The plants form flower buds but many of the buds never open. I’ve seen this happen over the years but I’m not sure why it happens. I’ve wondered about cold injury but could it be that consistent every …

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