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Florida Sea Grant Marine Extension Program

Aquatic Resources Utilization – Stock ponds, aquaculture, artificial reefs,   commercial fishing, and tourism.

Shoreline and Water Quality – Restoration and stabilization of shorelines,   community volunteer monitoring of water bodies, and nutrient pollution   reduction.

Stewardship of Marine Resources – Youth education and development, outreach   to area schools, and outreach to community involving marine education issues.

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  1. Melanie

    Hi! I work at the Emerald Coast Science Center in Fort Walton and will be doing two camps this summer called Science of the Sound. I was wondering if you have any info available as far as fish we are likely to see in our “glass bottom” buckets etc. Any and all info or tips would be most appreciated since my background is FRESHWATER ecology so this is new! Thank you so much!

    1. Brooke Saari

      Sure I can assist you with finding those resources. Juvenile fish are going to be a little tricky but it is easy to look up the common ones and prepare yourself a guide. Also, there are a few field guides that would help you as well. Email me at bsaari@ufl.edu so I can email you some electronic sources…also depending on the age it is a good opportunity to talk about fish adaptations to determine where a fish lives, feeds, ect. I.E. mouth location, tail shape and coloration. Are you going to be in the sea grass beds or out in the Gulf?

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