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Summer Time Blues

 Janet Psikogios
4-H OMK Regional Coordinator
UF/IFAS Bay County Extension
2728 E. 14th Street
Panama City, FL   32401
(850) 784-6105
(850) 784-6107

Summertime!  It’s almost here.  We all look forward to what we will do during the summer.   Play sports, go to the beach, attend 4-H camp … there are lots of things to do.  But what about the needs of the military youth?  They serve and make sacrifices so their military parents can focus on the mission at hand.  They give so much by taking on additional responsibilities living without a parent for months at a time.

This is the time of year many military families relocate.  Moving during the summer months can be challenging, but it provides many opportunities to join new organizations and meet new friends.  During the summer, it is difficult to find things to do if you are new to the area.  However, you can help a military family that moves into your neighborhood by introducing yourself and inviting them to participate in some of the local summertime 4-H activities. 

Military families reside in every county; even counties without military bases have Guard or Reserve families.  4-H recognizes the sacrifices that military youth make, and inviting them to participate in 4-H summer activities is a good start.  Becoming involved in these activities can be a great stress reliever for military youth during deployment. 

One fun summer activity, OMK Camp Timpoochee, is scheduled for July 11-15.  If you are interested in attending OMK Camp Timpoochee visit http://floridaomk.blogspot.com to register.  There is limited space remaining including space for non-military friends of military.  OMK Camps are so popular, that all vacancies have been filled for Camp Ocala.

Volunteering in the Panhandle

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