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Staying Connected Over the Summer

Jackson County 4-H Agent
Jackson County Extension Office
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Do you find yourself struggling to get your 4-H club going at the start of a new 4-H year? The turnout for your May club meeting was wonderful, but September rolls around and it is just you and the crickets. Here are some ideas to help you stay connected with club members over the summer and ensure that everyone will be ready for a new 4-H year.

•Set a time and a place for your September meeting and get the word out. Share this information with club members, parents and your 4-H Agent before adjourning the May club meeting.

•Inform club members and parents of local summer 4-H programs. Day and residential camps are great opportunities for youth to stay in touch with their fellow 4-H club members.
•Use social media to keep in touch. Most county 4-H Programs are using Facebook. Ask your 4-H Agent to post summertime “shout outs” to your club members.

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