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Peanut Field Day August 23

UF/IFAS Peanut Field Day

August 23, 2012

North Florida Research and Education Center,  Marianna, Florida


8:00     Registration & CEU sign-in

Four tour groups will rotate through seven tour stops.  Order of the stops will vary for each tour group.

Stop 1     CORE CEU Training – Understanding Pesticide Resistance – Dr. Fred Fishel
Speaker will discuss principles of pesticide resistance and management strategies to avoid developing pesticide resistance.
Stop 2     New Herbicide Resistant Cotton – Dr. Jay Ferrell
Speaker will discuss the new dicamba and 2,4-D cotton varieties coming to market soon including how to identify the injury and record keeping issues with these herbicides.
Stop 3     Crop Rotation & Peanut Fertility Needs – Dr. David Wright
Speaker will discuss crop rotation beneficial to peanut and soil fertility needs of peanut.
Stop 4   Fighting the Rapidly Changing Battle of Soilborne Diseases – Dr. Tim Brenneman
Speaker will discuss proper use of fungicides to control soilborne diseases white mold and CBR including fungicide rates, timing, and handling.
Stop 5  Control of Foliar Diseases – Dr. Nicholas Dufault
Speaker will discuss proper use of fungicides to control leaf spots including fungicide rates, timing and handling.  Control of spotted wilt will include use of the insecticide phorate.
Stop 6  Peanut Varieties – Dr. Barry Tillman
Speaker will discuss variety choice as it relates to disease control, pod yield, grade, maturity, planting density, etc.
Stop 7  Tools for Irrigation Scheduling and Determining Peanut Maturity – Dr. Diane Rowland
Speaker will discuss strategies for irrigation to reduce costs and water usage utilizing primed acclimation and using growing degree days to predict peanut maturity.
12:00   Fried Catfish Lunch served at Sunland Pavilion (Pick up signed CEU forms)

Special Note:  Children are welcome to attend the tour, accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian; however, children under the age of 16 will not be permitted at the Sunland Pavilion where lunch is served.

Persons with special needs should contact (850) 394-9124, at least 5 working days prior to the event, in order to allow proper consideration of the request.

For further information about the Peanut Field Day, cotact Barry Tillman (850) 633-4082; or Doug Mayo 850-482-9620.

Doug Mayo

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