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New Leaf Market sponsors Tour of Local Farms – Oct 19 & 20

New Leaf Market 6th Annual Farm Tour

New Leaf Market 6th Annual Farm Tour

New Leaf Market in Tallahassee has hosted a local farm tour for the past 6 years. The 2013 Farm Tour will be October 19 & 20. This much anticipated event has grown to become a Fall tradition and will feature over 41 sites. All tours are free to the public. Suggested tours are grouped by region and include the communities of Wakulla, Tallahassee, Thomasville/Moultrie/Quitman, Monticello/Lamont, and Madison.  For a list of Farms and the times they are open please visit the event website. Many of the farms will have harvest samples for snacking, meals for sale onsite, and farm family fun!

Educational activities to help farmers and aspiring farmers learn new farming techniques will be provided, including Organic and Naturally Grown Certified Methods. Featured methods includes  large scale composting, vegetable, dairy, and livestock production. By participating you will meet our inspiring farmers and connect to our local food community. You will also gain insight into North Florida’s potential for agritourism.

Agritourism creates entertaining farming and nature based experiences for guests. This can be another source of income for the farming operation while providing educational resources for the community.

The growth and increased interest in the New Leaf Farm Tour should not be a surprise. Floridians are purchasing more locally produced food each year.

A recent survey conducted by the University of Florida / IFAS Food and Resource Economics Department found that Florida families spent $ 1,114 annually or about 20% of family food dollars on the purchase of local food produced within 100 miles of home. Researchers estimated total value of local foods purchased by consumers annually in Florida in 2011 was $ 8.314 billion.

“North Florida consumers truly appreciate local farms and food more than any part of the state!” 

Interestingly, two regions showed an even higher amount of family food dollars spent on local purchases. Gainesville households had significantly higher purchases with 26%, while Tallahassee families directed 36% of food dollars toward local food! On average the respondent household in Tallahassee spent over $ 2,039 annually on locally grown food. Click here to view the survey report.

If you are farming and are interested in learning more about production methods, local marketing, or get started in agritourism, your local Panhandle Ag Extension Team is here to help!


Author: Scott Jackson – lsj@ufl.edu

UF/IFAS Leon County Extension
Regional Specialized Agent for Agriculture and Technology, Extension Agent III


Scott Jackson

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