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November 2013 Weather Summary

November 2013 Weather Summary

National Weather Service precipitation estimates for November 2013.

National Weather Service precipitation estimates for November 2013.

13 Jan-Nov Panhandle RainfallNovember, much like the previous two months was more normal for rainfall.  The wet spot in November was in Carabelle, with over 4 inches recorded, compared to the dry location, Monticello where less than an inch fell.  The average rainfall for the region in November was 2.9″.  For the year, Jay has had the least rain, 49″ and the highest total was 73.5 in Carabelle.  The average total rainfall, across all five weather stations, so far this year, was 57.8″.

Jan-Nov 2013 Weather SummaryNovember temperatures were 10 degrees cooler than October, with average soil temperatures dropping 11 degrees below the previous month.  Through 11 months, rainfall is 9.3″ greater than average.  Averages are somewhat misleading to describe 2013.  Heavy rainfall recorded in February, July and August skew the total.  The rest of the year was near or below average.  Total rainfall for the year is somewhat misleading, because of the tremendous variation that occurred this year.

Download the full report  that includes a daily temperature and rainfall summary:
2013 Jan – Nov Weather Summary

Looking ahead, the NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook is predicting drought development across the Southeast through the end of February.

Nov 13 Seasonal Drought Outlook


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