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Top 15 Gardening in the Panhandle Articles of 2013!

king sago palm with manganese deficiency symptoms

King Sago Palm. Photo credit: Mary Derrick

The wordpress-platform version Gardening in the Panhandle began in May of 2012 and had 188 views from its inception through the end of the year. This was a new online version of a long running and award winning traditional print newsletter. 2013 brought a new e-newsletter format and a ramped up effort to provide science based articles that you, the reader, find interesting and useful as you garden in the panhandle.  We have gotten your attention, you visited Gardening in the Panhandle 23,422 times in 2013!

Below is a list of the top fifteen most read articles from 2013 with links so that you can visit again if you missed it.  Please let us know if there are topics you would like to see covered by leaving comments or emailing one the editors Matthew Orwat mjorwat@ufl.edu or Mary Derrick mderrick@ufl.edu.



# of Hits               Title                                                                                                       Author

437 What’s Wrong with My Sago Palm? Mary Derrick
427 Palm Care Tips Blake Thaxton
390 Why Are My Tomatoes Cracking? Mary Derrick
354 Composting Recycles Yard Waste Makes it Beneficial Rob Trawick
347 Grow a Salad This Winter, Lettuce Easy to Grow, Delicious Romaine Rob Trawick
326 Proper Watering Means Difference Between Life, Death for New Plants Rob Trawick
307 We Had Plenty of Rain; Why Are My Trees Dying? Sheila Dunning
305 A Different View on Hydrangea Beth Bolles
303 Harvest Your Own Christmas Tree Mary Derrick
294 Fall Blooming Native Wildflowers Julie McConnell
291 Plant Deciduous Magnolias for their Spectacular Spring Flowers Rob Trawick
281 Spittlebugs:  An IPM Approach Blake Thaxton
280 Fruit Tree Options for the Florida Panhandle Blake Thaxton
279 Asian Cockroach – Is it a Pest of the Home or the Garden? Larry Williams
273 September is Here:  It’s Time to Prepare for Winter Weeds Larry Williams

Author: Julie McConnell – juliebmcconnell@ufl.edu

UF/IFAS Bay County Horticulture Extension Agent I

Julie McConnell

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