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Rosemary Doesn’t Mind a Forgetful Gardener



Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is an attractive evergreen woody perennial and a culinary herb that grows well in the Florida Panhandle with very little attention.

Rosemary is quite tough and thrives in hot, dry spots with well-drained soil.  All plants require some water to become established (the time it takes to grow enough roots to support the plant without watering).  Once established, it responds well to neglect as long as it is given sunlight, drainage, and air circulation.

Mature plants can grow to be over four feet tall by four feet wide, but may be kept a little more compact with pruning.  Leaves are harvested to use in recipes calling for fresh rosemary or can be dried for later use.  To read more about growing and cooking with herbs, please read the following EDIS publications.

Herbs in the Florida Garden

Cooking with Fresh Herbs


Author: Julie McConnell – juliebmcconnell@ufl.edu

UF/IFAS Bay County Horticulture Extension Agent I

Julie McConnell

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