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Farm Bill changes to Crop Insurance Webinar March 3

Southern Risk Managment Center LogoMonday, March 3, 2014
2:00-3:00 PM Central Time

Historically, federal farm programs focused on mitigating downside price risk and crop insurance offered protection from yield risk. Until recently, little consideration had been given to how this might affect farm-level decision-making.  Supplemental crop insurance is front and center in the 2014 Farm Bill. The new law makes producers integrate farm program and crop insurance participation. The potential impact of this decision for operators is more important than ever. This webinar is structured to provide a cursory examination of the consequences and implications of the 2014 Farm Bill from the perspective of federal crop insurance as the new policy paradigm where crop insurance is a primary risk management tool.

“After almost three years of discussion, debate, and negotiation, the 2014 Farm Bill is finally complete.  It includes arguably the most substantial changes to agricultural policy since Freedom to Farm in 1996.”
John Anderson, Deputy Chief Economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation

John Anderson is Deputy Chief Economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation in Washington, D.C. He has been in this post since 2010 with responsibilities as a Livestock Economist. He is frequently called upon to provide broad analysis on a variety of agricultural policy issues and was directly involved in the 2014 Farm Bill. Prior to his time with Farm Bureau, Dr. Anderson was an Extension Professor in Agricultural Economics at Mississippi State University. He received his PhD from Oklahoma State University and is a native of Arkansas. He is currently a member of the Southern Risk Management Education Center Advisory Council.

“The Agricultural Act of 2014 is projected to spend almost exactly twice as much on crop insurance as on Title I commodity programs. It is time to sit up and pay attention.”
Keith Coble, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University

Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics, Keith Coble holds teaching, research, and extension appointments. Coble has analyzed how farmers can use risk management tools such as futures contracts, crop insurance, and federal commodity programs. Coble currently serves on the Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics’ Blue Ribbon Panel of Experts who provide guidance about matters of significance to policy makers. He had an integral part in developing the eventual 2014 Farm Bill, serving as Staff Economist for ranking member of the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee Thad Cochran of Mississippi.



Seats for the webinar are limited.  Participants may reserve a spot by registering at the following website.  Once registered, instructions for participating in the webinar will be emailed to you.



If you want to participate in the Webinar, but are not sure about using this type of technology, contact your County Agent about participating at your local Extension Office.

This webinar is sponsored by the Southern Risk Management Education Center, based at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, with support from Texas A&M and Mississippi State.



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