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Know your Hay, B, C’s!

Cowpea&beggarweed hay being stacked 1913Hay storage is a little different from the days in the picture above (1913), but two things haven’t changed.
Hay is never any better quality than it is when it’s cut, and all kinds of things happen to reduce the quantity of hay that makes it into the stomach of your livestock.

“Know Your Hay, B, C’s” is set for Thursday, May 29 at the Jefferson County Extension Office, 2729 West Washington Monticello. Livestock Extension agent Jed Dillard will discuss production, evaluation, storage and feeding practices that will help your hay match your livestock’s needs and minimize hay losses between harvest and consumption. The 7pm program is free, but please preregister by calling 850-342-0187 or contacting Dillard at dillardjed@ufl.edu.



Author: Jed Dillard – dillardjed@ufl.edu

Jefferson County Livestock and Natural Resources Agent with a commercial cow/calf background. My degree is in animal breeding, but I do more work wth forage systems. Long time clover/legume booster for both livestock and wildlife

Jed Dillard

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