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Radish: A Quick Producing Winter Vegetable

Radish: A Quick Producing Winter Vegetable

Radishes ready to harvest. Image Credit, UF / IFAS Gardening Solutions

Radishes ready to harvest. Image Credit, UF / IFAS Gardening Solutions

Floridians are lucky, in that they can grown many vegetables throughout the winter months. If a fast growing, quick producing vegetable is desired, nothing is faster than a radish. Radishes can develop from seed to mature root in 20-30 days, and can be planted any time between September and March. The cooler months of October to February are even better since radishes do not develop the “hot” flavor when grown in cooler temperatures. There is less risk of that occurring during the cooler months of fall and winter.

Radishes should be direct seeded in the garden at a depth of 0.25 inches. They should be seeded 1 inch apart, with rows 6 inches apart. It is important that they not be crowded since the edible root portion will not form properly unless the plants are given plenty of space. Once plants emerge, thin them to about 3 inches apart.

At planting, plenty or organic matter and fertilizer should be incorporated in the bed. If soil is not well-drained garden in a raised bed. Avon fertilizing once the seeds have germinated. Make sure to provide uniform irrigation and a weed free environment.

Harvest should take place when the radishes are ready (20-30 days), but fairly young to ensure a mild tasting root.

For more information consult Root Crop Production in Florida, part of the Florida Vegetable Production Handbook



Author: Matthew Orwat – mjorwat@ufl.edu

Matthew J. Orwat started his career with UF / IFAS in 2011 and is the Horticulture Extension Agent for Washington County Florida. His goal is to provide educational programming to meet the diverse needs of and provide solutions for homeowners and small farmers with ornamental, turf, fruit and vegetable gardening objectives. Please feel free to contact him with any questions you may have.

Matthew Orwat

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