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Start Thinking about Muscadines: A Native Northwest Florida Fruit

Prolific producing muscadine cultivar ‘Granny Val’ – Image Credit Dr. Peter C. Andersen Mother always said “never be late” but in the case of certain muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia) cultivars, it’s good to be late. Although muscadine harvest can begin as early as July, gardeners with late bearing muscadines are still reaping the benefits of fruit …

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Think About It!

Leon County Extension’s sustainable rainwater cisterns collect rainwater from the rooftop and use the water from the cisterns to irrigate the demonstration garden. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the term “sustainability” has emerged as a result of significant concerns about the unintended social, environmental, and economic consequences of rapid growth.  Sustainability is based …

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Common Myths about Spanish Moss and Lichen

Lichen on trunk of oak tree. Image: Julie McConnell, UF/IFAS Spanish moss and lichen have earned an inaccurate reputation for damaging trees and shrubs in the Florida landscape.  Although they may be found in plants that are in decline or showing stress symptoms, they are simply taking advantage of space available to survive.  Both plants …

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What the Buzz About Bees? An Update from the Beekeeping Trade Show

On November 1-2, 2013, the Northwest District Agriculture and Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Agents Program Implementation Teams collaborated to offer classes during the annual Beekeeping Field Day and Tradeshow held in Chipley, FL. Attendees learn about bee hive maintenance. This third-annual event was part of the Florida State Beekeepers Association yearly conference and had …

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The Truth About Lovebugs

Adult lovebugs on building, Photo Credit: Larry Williams Contrary to popular belief, lovebugs were not introduced to the state by the University of Florida. This insect is an invasive species from Central America. Lovebugs migrated from Central America, traveling through Texas and Louisiana to get to Florida. They were first reported in Florida during the …

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Get Fired Up About Your Pasture or Hayfield

Burning fields and pastures has many benefits. Burning hayfields or pastures can reduce insect and disease pressure the following summer. Timely late winter burns (late February, early March) can offer several benefits to a hay or livestock producer. Burning off thatch kills annual weed seeds and any insect eggs present in the dead grass. Reducing …

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“Why do I have centipede grass taking over my Bahia pasture?” and “What can I do about it?”

Jed Dillard Jefferson County Extension The short answers are “Because of your pasture management” and “Change your pasture management.” Here’s the slightly longer version. After Jefferson County native Ed Finlayson discovered Pensacola Bahia it became widely used in the Deep South because of its low maintenance requirements. However, there are limits to how much abuse …

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