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Alligators Become More Active in the Spring

The American Alligator is an icon of the state of Florida. Viewed on the program “Swamp People” and as the mascot of the University of Florida, most visitors to our state see this animal more on television than in the wild; but they are certainly there. In need of mates and calories from the lack …

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Thrips Active In Walton County

Thrips are already a problem with the vegetable acreage and the cotton crop in Walton County.  Even with seed inoculated before planting or in-furrow insecticide applications, plants are still at risk.  The preventative treatments are taken up by the plant as it germinates and provides some protection during early stages of growth. Supplemental foliar sprays may be needed if two-to-three …

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Fall Armyworms Already Active in Adjacent States

Fall Armyworms have already begun their march in neighboring states Fall Armyworms have been reported in adjacent state’s hayfields.  Several counties in the black-belt of south Alabama, south Georgia, and the coastal bend of Texas have all seen activity in Spring 2012. Reports from east Texas indicate the worms are out in unusually large numbers. As …

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