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Honey Bee Colony Numbers: National Trends Mixed, Florida Increasing

Photos by Judy Ludlow The Bee Informed Partnership, in collaboration with the Apiary Inspectors of America (AIA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), conducted their ninth annual national survey of honey bee colony losses. Over 6,000 beekeepers completed the survey providing valuable information about honey bee colony numbers and health for the 2014/2015 …

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What can you do about a colony of bats in a building?

Bats are extremely beneficial, but they can be unwelcome guests when they choose to roost indoors, like this evening bat. Photo credit: LeiLani Davis. Bats typically sleep during the day in natural structures such as trees and caves. In areas with few natural roost structures, bats may instead choose to spend their days in buildings.   …

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Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Update

Figure 1. Summary of the total overwinter colony loss (October 1 – April 1) of managed honey bee colonies in the US across the 8 annual national surveys (red bars). The acceptable range (blue bars) is the average percentage of acceptable loss declared by the survey participants in each of the 8 years of the …

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Winter Preparation Essential for Bee Colony Survival

Beekeepers need to prepare hives for the hardships of winter months. Some of the main concerns are: food storage, the arrangement of the food, hive ventilation, disease prevention, queen quality, and weather protection. Roy Lee Carter – Gulf County Extension Director Although overwintering management of bee hives differs according to regional winter conditions, there are …

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