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Fall is an Excellent Time to Plant Daylilies

Daylilies in full bloom. Image credit UF / IFAS Solutions Website “A penny saved is a penny earned” is the famously frugal advice from Poor Richard’s Almanac. The author Benjamin Franklin, elder statesman and founding father of the United States, offered this simple pearl of wisdom to 18th century American colonist to remind them to …

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Evergreen Wisteria – An Excellent Alternative for Chinese Wisteria

Are you looking for a way to jazz up a fence, trellis, or arbor? Are you looking for year-round color in your garden? Are you looking for wonderful, fragrant blooms in the summer? Then evergreen wisteria (Millettia reticulata) may be the right plant for your place! Evergreen wisteria growing on a fence. Photo: University of …

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Bats: an Excellent Addition to Your IPM strategy

Bats, like this Seminole bat (Lasiurus seminolus), are economically beneficial. They consume many insect pests without the use of pesticides. Photo Credit: Kathleen Smith, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Holly Ober,  UF/IFAS Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Specialist Eleven different species of bats live in north Florida year-round.  These bats are voracious feeders.  During spring, …

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U-scout: An Excellent Resource for Vegetable Disease Diagnosis

A screen shot from the U-scout blog, a new tool for disease identification in fruit and vegetables. The ample rain and persistent humidity throughout northwest Florida during the last two months have increased disease incidences in summer vegetable crops. Scouting fields with an eagle eye for potential disease outbreaks is essential this season. The U-scout tool, developed by UF/IFAS …

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