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Friday Feature: Tumblewheel Rolling Electric Fence

Source: Gallagher Fencing Last week we kicked off National Forage Week with a promotional video, so it seemed only fitting to end the celebration with an innovation for grazing management.  Intensive mob grazing, or strip grazing of annual pastures requires a good deal of time and management, if you have to continuously move fences to …

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Scout Your Fence Rows for Cherry Trees

Picture 1. Serrated edges on the leaf separate cherry from persimmon. Though cherry trees can be great for ornamental planting, the leaves can be highly toxic to cattle. Photo credit: Jay Ferrell This spring has been cooler than most and many areas just now have grass that is coming along. It is this time of …

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Control Weeds In Fence Rows Now

Un-managed fence rows can hide an assortment of problems Spring is a demanding time of year for north Florida’s farmers and ranchers.  Time is at a premium and the work requirements are strenuous and seemingly without end. It is easy to overlook or delay chores which are not screaming for immediate attention.  Weed control on …

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