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Panhandle Turf Fertilization Workshop: March 4th or 11th

March 4th Workshop, Gulf Breeze Location, Registration on Eventbrite March 11th Workshop, Panama City Location, Registration on Eventbrite   AGENDA   9:00-9:25 Opening Session: Introduction to lawn fertilization, when to fertilize and why proper timing is important, the importance of having a soil test 9:35-11:35  Four concurrent 25-minute sessions: Soil profile example, soil texture example, soil test kits, …

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Fertilization Tips for Cool-Season Pastures

Cattle grazing a mixed cool-season forage pasture that includes cereal rye and crimson clover. Photo credit: Cheryl Mackowiak Prepare your land for winter grazing by closely grazing or mowing down the existing pasture in the fall, prior to planting. This results in less water, nutrient, and light competition with the emerging cool-season forages. You can …

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Does Your Pond Need Fertilization?

Choosing the right pond management tools depends on your objectives. Photo by Jennifer Bearden Recreational farm ponds vary in size and purpose and management goals differ widely from owner to owner. Some pond owners want clear water with only small amounts of vegetation and a few fish to catch. This pond is meant mainly for …

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Does your pond need fertilization?

Photo by Jennifer Bearden These days many ponds are just backyard recreational ponds.  Management goals vary from owner to another.  Some pond owners want very little productivity (very little fish removed).  They want little vegetation with just a few fish.  This pond is just meant for relaxation and aesthetics.  Other pond owners want to fish …

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Seasonal Fertilization

Fertilizer Spreader: Image Courtesy UF / IFAS Extension FYN Program Although temperatures are still hovering around 90° F, the last fall fertilization date is approaching quickly.  Mid-September is the deadline for applying fertilizer to warm season turf-grasses and landscape ornamental plants for the year. Why is September 15 the cutoff date?  In North Florida, our estimated first frost …

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