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Having Fun While Being Safe with Fireworks

They wiz, sparkle, pop and twirl. They thrill and sometimes scare us. Do you recall the first sparkler that you got to hold? Was it an exciting, magical experience, or did you get burned?  Do you really know how hot a sparkler can get?  Most children are rarely concerned with safety,  It is up to the adults …

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Catch the Magic- Tips for Taking Photos of Fireworks

Article by guest blogger, Georgene Bender (South Central Regional Specialized 4-H Agent) Photography by David Perkiewcz,, The Cleveland Plain Dealer Photography is a popular 4-H project and this time of year, it is fun to experiment taking pictures of fireworks and sparklers. With helpful tips you will be amazed at what you can do. Let’s review some …

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Garden Fireworks

Bring your own blend of fireworks to the garden this July by adding the Red Rocket Russelia, Russelia sarmentosa to a full sun area. Russelia sarmentosa. Image Credit Beth Bolles, University of Florida   A favorite perennial to those who grow it, the Red Rocket has many positive qualities that make it a must have …

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