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Friday Funny: Top 20 Cow One-liners

This is somewhat of a departure from the normal Friday Funny jokes, but after attending the 65th Annual Florida Beef Cattle Short Course where they encouraged ranchers to tell their story I thought I would share these one-liner cow jokes.  The following are fun jokes to share with kids who tour your farm, at school …

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Friday Funny: Hearing Test

Doris and Ralph had been married and lived on their farm together for over 40 years.  Ralph noticed that his wife seemed to have trouble hearing him lately and became concerned.  He started thinking she might need to be tested for hearing aids.  Not quite sure how to approach this subject with Doris, he called …

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Friday Funny: Couple Sex

A lifetime farmer got to the stage in life that he was no longer able to physically work the land anymore.  He could not bring himself to sell the farm he loved, so he rented out his land to a neighboring farm.  He kept one tractor and the land around his house and barn and grew …

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Friday Funny: Cowboy Math

The foreman of a large cattle ranch in Florida died after 35 years of employment.  The ranch he worked for had supplied his home and a truck to drive, so after he passed his most valuable possessions were his personal Remuda of 17 horses that he had broken and trained over the years.  The foreman …

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Friday Funny: The Marriage Retreat

Frank and Ann had been farming together for over 20 years.  Unfortunately, they spent so much time together they got on each others nerves all of the time. After Church one Sunday they waited around to speak with the Pastor.  They explained their challenges and he suggested that what they needed was a weekend together …

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Friday Not so Funny

Usually we bring you a corny story each week to try to put a smile on your face and take a break from the stress and tension of every day life, at least for a little while, but today here’s something serious we need to address. As Extension professionals we have the great pleasure of …

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Friday Funny: The Millennial Voter

Those of you who are worried about which candidate will be our next president relax, the following is just one example of a more serious problem in this country. With so much current press coverage on the Presidential primaries, a professor of an American Government Course at Florida State University was discussing the qualifications to …

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Friday Funny: The Cross-eyed Cow Dog

This week’s joke was sent in by Tammy Long, Bascom, FL.  Thanks for sharing Tammy! A Florida Panhandle farmer had the veterinarian out to pregnancy test his cow herd.  Once they were finished working the cow herd, the farmer said, “Would you take a look at my new cow-dog?”  The vet said, “Is there something …

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Friday Funny: The Frozen Carburetor

Back in January, on a bitterly cold winter’s day in North Dakota, a State Trooper out on patrol came upon a motorcyclist who was stalled by the roadside. The biker was swathed in heavy protective clothing and wearing a full-face helmet to protect the face from the cold weather. “What’s the matter? asked the Trooper.  …

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Friday Funny: The Guard Mule

This week’s joke was sent in by Cheryl Vergot, Tallahassee, FL. Thanks for sharing Cheryl!   As is most often the case these days, a young farmer married a cute city-girl who grew up in a nearby town.  Soon after their fancy, country-club wedding, the farmer prepared for a visit by his city-bred mother-in-law, who …

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