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Onions: Taste Good, Easy to Grow, and Many Varieties from which to Choose

Onions are simple to grow and take up very little space. This is an easy selection for a beginning gardener. The winter weather is finally giving way to springtime. While temperatures have been erratic, the rain has been sufficient. There are still plenty of cool season leafy garden crops in production, but they will not …

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Flavonoids: Good for the Heart!

Photo taken by: Marjorie Moore February is heart month, a time to consider including foods in your diet that will benefit your heart. Much has been in the media during the last few years about the positive heart health benefits of blueberries, red wine and dark chocolate. According to research, the compounds responsible for the …

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Thank You Is Good For Me

Gratitude doesn’t have to happen only on World Gratitude Day or around the Thanksgiving table. Happiness researchers have found that expressing gratitude has wide-ranging benefits. Counting your blessings on a frequent basis is associated with increased happiness. Grateful people are more likely to: take better care of themselves both mentally and physically get more regular …

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With Muscadines, It’s Good to Be Late

Prolific producing muscadine cultivar ‘Granny Val’ – Image Credit Dr. Peter C. Andersen Mother always said “never be late,” but in the case of certain muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia) cultivars, it’s good to be late.  Although muscadine harvest can begin as early as July, growers with late bearing muscadines are just completing fruit harvest. Generally, muscadines do not …

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Dog Days of Summer – A Good Time to Plan for Fall

The “Dog Days” are the hottest, muggiest days of summer. In the northern hemisphere, they usually fall between early July and early September. The actual dates vary greatly from region to region, depending on latitude and climate.   In ancient times, when the night sky was un-obscured by artificial lights, the Romans used the stars …

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Dryland Corn Looks Good So Far

Dryland corn is up and going strong in the Big Bend Region. Dryland field corn is up and flourishing in the Big Bend Region of Florida.  Rains have been well spaced and delivering sufficient water. Corn acreage is forecast to be at its highest point in three quarters of a century.  The 97,282,000 acres nationally …

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Good Bug, Bad Bug

Is this insect larvae beneficial or harmful to your tomato and pepper plants? Positive identification is the important first step in any Integrated Pest Management Program. The panhandle’s warm temperatures and adequate moisture levels are not only favorable for growing fresh vegetables, but also favorable to insect populations as well.  When it comes to insects …

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With Arbor Day Approaching; Good Time To Plant Spring-flowering Trees

As mentioned in the article written by Carrie Stevenson last week, we celebrate Arbor Day here in Florida on January 18th this year. It’s a day we specifically set aside to celebrate and appreciate the role living trees play in improving our lives and our environment. With that in mind, many people plant trees to …

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Washington County: Crop Conditions Good

Temperatures in the 90′s and high humidity may open-the-door to white mold in peanuts Summer rains are coming on a regular basis and with sufficient quantity. Corn, cotton, soybeans and peanuts are all looking very good, better than they have in the past three years. Pressure from Army Worms is still a problem in fertilized …

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Forage Weather Good in Wakulla County, But Other Concerns Loom

Most, but not all, pastures, paddocks and hayfields in Wakulla County have drained. Tropical Storm Debby brought much needed rain to Wakulla County and the Big Bend region.  Many, but not all, pastures, paddocks and hayfields have absorbed the moisture. Scattered showers since TS Debby’s deluge have kept forage production going since the 20 plus …

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