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PeanutFARM Website Aids Irrigation and Harvest Decisions

The PeanutFARM website will soon offer “days to dig” predictions based on automated digital peanut profile image analysis.  Photo credit:  Doug Mayo By Diane Rowland, Plant Physiologist, UF/IFAS Agronomy Department The PeanutFARM website (http://agronomy.ifas.ufl.edu/peanutfarm) is a tool developed by the University of Florida Agronomy Department, to assist peanut farmers, consultants, and extension agents.  The program …

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Despite Heavy Rainfall, Central Panhandle Blueberry Harvest On Track

Wash-out in blueberry field, young planting. Image Credit Matthew Orwat   Washed out row in young blueberry field. Image Credit: Matthew Orwat Although the central Florida panhandle has been hit with excessive rainfall this spring, the blueberry yield this year is on track to be above average. Colder winter temperatures coupled with wet spring weather …

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Harvest Your Own Christmas Tree!

Whispering Pines Farm in Milton with proprietor Mike Kelly and children. Photo by Mary Derrick, UF IFAS. One of the joys of this season is to bring home a fresh Christmas tree and enjoy the fragrance and natural freshness of a live tree inside ones home. Imagine how much fresher the tree would be if each was …

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Cotton Harvest is Running Behind

Cotton being picked near Dellwood, Florida. It’s early November and there is still a great deal of cotton to be picked in Northwest Florida. Yield reports from Jackson County have been well below the norm, with yields being reported between 400 -1100 lbs. of lint per acre. Additionally, there have been some reports of poor quality …

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Cotton Harvest Begins as Tropical Storm Approaches

Harvest has begun in a few early planted fields around Northwest Florida this week. Additionally, some defoliant applications were made as well. Tropical Storm “Karen” is projected to be felt in the Florida Panhandle sometime this Sunday. The imminent rain and winds from “Karen” could be bad news for cotton farmers. Dr. David Wright, University …

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Peanut Harvest is Just Beginning

Peanut harvest is beginning in some of the earliest planted panhandle Florida fields. So far yield and grades have been decent, but only a handful of acres have been harvested. Dr. David Wright, UF/IFAS Agronomist, offers the following reminders about peanut digging and harvesting: “Peanut maturity is always an important consideration in a year like this, …

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2013 Cotton Harvest Timing and Defoliation

L-mature boll, R-immature boll The cotton crop is maturing fast and defoliation will soon be underway in many older planted fields. Proper timing of cotton harvest aid applications is important for optimizing both yield and quality of the crop. Defoliation decisions should be based on the crop and the crop environment. Plant maturity is usually …

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Corn Harvest Begins in Jackson County

The relentless rain in July had many corn growers in the Panhandle wondering if it would ever stop long enough to harvest their corn crop. Finally, growers in Jackson County have gotten some relief and have started to harvest their earliest planted fields. Irrigated corn yields are doing very well despite the dry weather in …

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Weather Preventing Hay Harvest

Jackson County Cattlemen Mack Glass and Jeff Pittman shared their frustration of the weather this year with News Reporter, Bergen Baucom, WJHG Channel 7 Panama City.  In the early growing season limited rainfall reduced grass growth.  In July, almost daily rains have prevented hay harvest.  Because the hay is getting more mature with each passing …

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Summer Vegetable Harvest: Timing is Everything

The key to eating home grown delicious vegetables, is selecting the correct time to harvest. Below are some of the easiest ways to identify the correct time to pick your most common summer veggies. Snap Beans: Pick them before you can see the seeds bulging. They should snap easily into two. Check daily. It doesn’t …

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