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Autumn and Winter Feeding of Honey Bees

Gulf County Beekeeper, Eddie Causey feeding honeybees corn syrup. Photo credit: Roy Carter Normally a well-managed colony will require little supplemental feeding, but such feeding, when it is necessary, may determine the ultimate survival of the colony.  Ensuring that bees always have an adequate food supply is a form of insurance, and it is generally …

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Preventing Honey Bee Swarms in Managed Beehives

A European Honey Bee swarm taking temporary refuge on a tree limb before finding a new home for their expanding colony. Honey bee swarms are a normal sign of healthy honey bee colonies.  Two types of reproduction occur with honey bees.  First, there is individual (biological) reproduction from eggs laid by the queen.  Second, there …

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Honey Bee Hive Maintenance during the Summer Months

Hive maintenance must be top priority for beekeepers during the summer months. Summer is often the time when most panhandle beekeepers have harvested their prime honey crops (TiTi, Tupelo, Gallberry and in some years Palmetto).  If the beekeeper plans to reap a good honey harvest next year, hive maintenance must be top priority during the …

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