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New UF/IFAS Publications of Interest to Horse Owners

  Pigeon Fever in Florida’s Horses (VM185) For the first time in recent history, Florida is seeing a large number of cases of pigeon fever in horses. As of June 2012, the state is reporting over 60 suspected equine cases in Okaloosa, Walton, and Marion counties. The majority of cases have been confined to the …

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Horse Nettle Blooming in Wakulla County

Delicate flowers disguise the potential problems of Horsenettle.  The dainty yellow and white flowers belie the disaster potential of the plants. Horsenettles (Solanum carolinense) are blooming and producing fruit in Wakulla County. Horsenettle can be a serious weed problem in Florida’s perennial grass pastures, hay producing operations and along fence rows. The result of infestation is reduced usable …

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How Much Land Does a Horse Need?

John Doyle Atkins, Santa Rosa County Extension             It’s a question that has been strongly debated for years: How much land does a horse need for grazing here in northwest Florida?  The horse is a non-ruminant herbivore and a grazing animal.  A horse requires a minimum level of forage in the diet to maintain normal …

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