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Don’t Cut Corners When Renovating Lawn

Sodding Lawn Photo Credit: UF/IFAS Hand Raking Lawn Area Photo Credit: UF/IFAS Cutting corners during lawn renovation usually results in poor turf establishment and long-term lawn maintenance problems. Occasionally it is necessary to renovate a lawn or replant sections of a lawn. When replanting a lawn, it is best to not cut corners – you’ll …

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Handling Lawn and Landscape Problems after a Storm

After severe weather of any kind, homeowners must often spend a considerable amount of time dealing with impacts to their landscapes.  Below are a few lessons we have learned from hurricanes and tropical storms in the past. Many thanks to fellow agent Beth Bolles for her contributions to this article. Dealing with Toppled Trees It …

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Proper Watering Techniques for a Healthy and Happy Lawn

Turfgrass, like all plants, requires water for growth and survival. With the weather we’ve been having lately, watering your lawn is probably the last thing on your mind. Footprints in turfgrass are a common symptom of drought stress. They are the result of a loss in turgor pressure, due to lack of water, in plant …

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Don’t Blame Pests for Dry Lawn

  When Northwest Florida goes through a dry period in spring or summer, many gardeners wonder about some mysterious pest that’s playing havoc in their lawns. Without realizing it, the gardener is observing dry spots which they are mistaking for a lawn pest. These dry spots are the result of imperfections in an irrigation system. They’re revealed during times of inadequate rain. During times …

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Wait to Fertilize Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn before the soil temperature is adequately warm results in waste of fertilizer and possible lawn injury. Close up of cold injured lawn grass blades Lawn cold injury from too early fertilizer application Despite the fact that you can easily force your lawn to turn green early with many of the high nitrogen …

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Consider Re-doing Old Weedy Lawn

Larry L Williams Horticulture Agent Okaloosa County Extension lwilliams@co.okaloosa.fl.us I’ve seen people use herbicides to control weeds in an old, declining lawn. Then, with all the weeds gone, the lawn’s owner suddenly realized that he or she had no lawn left. Sometimes the best solution is to start over. Many older, thinning, declining, weedy lawns …

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Summer Lawn Insects beginning to Show-up

Theresa Friday Horticulture Agent Santa Rosa County Extension tlfriday@ufl.edu The long, hot days of summer means they you are likely to encounter greater insect populations. Careful routine scouting and recognizing damaging insects and their beneficial predators can help reduce the need for applying insecticides. Chinch bugs Chinch bugs love St. Augustinegrass lawns. The adults of …

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