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Ranchers Should Prepare Livestock for Hard Freeze January 7 & 8

Windchill forecast for Monday night through early Tuesday morning. Warning! The National Weather Service is forecasting wind chills below freezing for 48 hours from Monday night through Wednesday, with possible single digit wind chills on Monday and Tuesday nights. The following is the NWS forecast for Marianna for Monday through Tuesday night. Monday:  Sunny, with …

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Imported Fire Ant Considerations for Livestock Operations

When it comes to Agricultural Operations, Imported Fire Ants are more than just a biting pest. (Photo by Dr. Bastiaan “Bart” Drees, Statewide Extension Program Specialist Texas A&M University) Fire ants attack anything that disturbs their mound (nest), including livestock and humans. They firmly grasp skin with their jaws, and then sting and inject venom. …

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Cool Season Forage Options for Winter Livestock Feeding

The latest long range forecast from NOAA is encouraging with at least average rainfall this winter.   Livestock feed prices have risen sharply due to the drought reduced corn crop in the Midwest.  What had been fairly reasonable by-product feeds several years ago, have risen to the point that many ranchers are strongly considering increasing …

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Livestock Carcass Composting

Composting livestock carcasses is a relatively inexpensive, biosecure and environmentally sound approach to addressing the issue of carcass disposal when properly managed. Livestock Mortality Management Dr. Josh Payne, Oklahoma State University Extension Area Animal Waste Management Specialist Livestock mortality is an issue encountered by every rancher. Mortality may be associated with disease, injury, age, or …

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Hurricane Prep for Livestock Owners

Cattle need room to manuver during a tropical storm or hurricane. Remove obstacles and items which could injure livestock. The peak of hurricane season is weeks away. Here are a few helpful tips to prepare a livestock operation for a tropical storm or hurricane. Livestock are safer in a large pasture free of debris. Barns …

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