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Hay Bale Size Really Does Matter

Now is the time to start planning for the hay making season, so let’s consider the size issue when it comes to hay bales.  In a lot of situations size really does matter, because bale size has the greatest influence on the total weight of hay in a bale, how many pounds of nutrients are …

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Identity Theft Is No Laughing Matter

Photo by: White,T. (N.D.) Identity Theft Protection. Retrieved 9 February 2015 from http://goo.gl/46HkDp While the commercials about identity theft maybe funny, identity theft is no laughing matter. Identity theft occurs when someone’s personal information is used to access money. According to the national crime and victimization survey it is estimated that identity theft cost Americans …

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Does Calf Age at Castration Matter?

Calves born from crossbred cows in Florida (Alachua Co.) can be castrated within 36 day of birth and still have satisfactory weaning weights. Photo Credit: Matt Hersom Dr. Matt Hersom, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida Castration, the process of removal or destruction of the testicles, is a common management …

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