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How Can I Control Those Pesky Mosquitoes?

Are you plagued with mosquitoes in your yard? Does it seem like you have a greater infestation than your neighbors? There may be some solutions to solve the problem other than using pesticides that negatively impact beneficial insects in your landscape. Asian tiger mosquito. Photo credit: Susan Ellis, Bugwood.org. Mosquitoes are not only annoying, they …

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Floodwater Mosquitoes, a Special Brand of Misery

In Florida, this species of mosquito (Culex nigripalpus) plays a major role in the transmission of disease-causing viruses. (UF/IFAS/File Photo) Jed Dillard Jefferson County Extension Livestock and Natural Resources Agent Whining hordes of mosquitoes have made life miserable for the warm blooded among us since tropical storm Debby soaked North Florida. You’re likely thinking, “These …

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