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Debunking GMO Myths

This corn variety is a GMO with traits for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance. I have wanted to write an article on Genetically Modified Organisms for a while now, and have started one many times over the past few years. This is a complex and controversial topic, but it is my job, however, to pass …

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Common Myths about Spanish Moss and Lichen

Lichen on trunk of oak tree. Image: Julie McConnell, UF/IFAS Spanish moss and lichen have earned an inaccurate reputation for damaging trees and shrubs in the Florida landscape.  Although they may be found in plants that are in decline or showing stress symptoms, they are simply taking advantage of space available to survive.  Both plants …

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Battling Bat Myths

As we leave Halloween season, one of the most popular images of this spooky time of year is that of a bat.  The creepy tales of vampire bats and Dracula are enduring and certainly exciting.   Unfortunately, many negative connotations exist around this fascinating species.  Perhaps you’ve heard they carry rabies, that they will fly into …

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