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Florida Native Plants: Beautyberry

This autumn you may notice shrubs with long, arching branches sporting clusters of shiny purple berries. That beautiful sight is the Beautyberry, or Callicarpa americana. This native is found throughout Florida and the southern United States, west into Texas and north to Tennessee and Virginia. Beautyberry in the fall. Photo credit: Mary Derrick, UF IFAS Extension. In …

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Plants Poisonous to Pets

Is your pet one of those that likes to nibble on or gobble down new plants in your home or landscape? If so, it would be wise to make sure that the new plants you introduce do not send you running with your pet to the vet. There are many common plants that can adversely …

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Plants to Beat the Heat!

Most people appreciate a colorful landscape, but may not have a lot of time or money to invest into keeping it looking good.  Add to that the low nutrient soils that do not hold water that are common in the western Panhandle and keeping an attractive yard becomes even more challenging, especially if irrigation is …

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How Do I Find Plants to Suit My Landscape?

We all seem to have this dilemma: A desire to re-landscape or just add a few plants to an area, but not knowing what would be the best choice. Plants need to be compatible with their location. The right plant should be chosen for the right place.  Many have particular light, moisture and zone requirements …

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Vacation Care for Plants

Summertime is vacation time for people, not plants! While getting ready for that long awaited trip, it’s easy to forget about your lawn, landscape, vegetable garden and house plants. A little time spent preparing your leafy friends for your absence could save you needless worry and hours of extra work when you get back. Prepare …

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A Fluffy Woolly Mass on Woody Plants

Homeowner accounts of white fluffy woolly masses on woody ornamentals have been on the rise.  They can appear on the ends of a wide variety of woody ornamental branches in the landscape.  A closer inspection of these white woolly masses can provide the curious observer with a startling surprise.  “It’s Alive!”  It moves and seems …

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Managing Aquatic Plants in Farm Ponds

Florida’s has hundreds of types of aquatic plants and they are often an overlooked feature of Florida’s landscape. Photo by Jeff Schardt Everywhere you look, plants are responding enthusiastically to Florida’s abundant rains, sunshine, and fertile soils; and this includes aquatic plants as well!  Florida’s has hundreds of types of aquatic plants and they are …

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Preventing Invasive Plants and Animals

The first week of March every year is designated “National Invasive Species Awareness Week,” an initiative to draw attention to the thousands of invasive plants and animals that move into our state and country every year. However, this is a problem that should draw focus year-round. Invasive species are non-native or exotic plants and animals which can …

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Soggy Soil Can Make Plants Sick

This summer parts of the Florida Panhandle have been blessed with ample rain, but coupled with high temperatures, this can be both a blessing and a curse. Adequate moisture is critically important to landscape plants during hot weather, but too much rain or excessive watering also can bring problems. Wet soil combined with high temperatures …

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Proper Watering Means Difference Between Life, Death For New Plants During Summer

Proper watering can make the difference between life and death to newly planted lawns, trees, shrubs, bedding plants, vegetable transplants and ground covers during the summer. Because their roots have not had time to grow out into the surrounding soil, these plants do not yet have well-established root systems. With their root systems still limited …

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