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Preventing Invasive Plants and Animals

The first week of March every year is designated “National Invasive Species Awareness Week,” an initiative to draw attention to the thousands of invasive plants and animals that move into our state and country every year. However, this is a problem that should draw focus year-round. Invasive species are non-native or exotic plants and animals which can …

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Soggy Soil Can Make Plants Sick

This summer parts of the Florida Panhandle have been blessed with ample rain, but coupled with high temperatures, this can be both a blessing and a curse. Adequate moisture is critically important to landscape plants during hot weather, but too much rain or excessive watering also can bring problems. Wet soil combined with high temperatures …

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Proper Watering Means Difference Between Life, Death For New Plants During Summer

Proper watering can make the difference between life and death to newly planted lawns, trees, shrubs, bedding plants, vegetable transplants and ground covers during the summer. Because their roots have not had time to grow out into the surrounding soil, these plants do not yet have well-established root systems. With their root systems still limited …

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Put In Warm-Season Bedding Plants for Colorful Summer Flowering Garden

Robert C Trawick Extension Horticulturist II Jackson County rob.trawick@ufl.edu   In May we move from the warm days and cool nights of spring and early summer to the hot days and warm nights that will be with us until, at the very least, September. With the increasing heat, you’ll inevitably notice the decline of your …

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Revised UF Publication on Controlling Invasive Exotic Plants in North Florida Forests

Photo Credit: UGA Bugwood Controlling Invasive Exotic Plants in North Florida Forests (SSFOR19/FR133) Invasive non-native organisms are one of the greatest threats to the natural ecosystems of the United States. Invasive plants reduce biodiversity, encroach on endangered and threatened species, and rob native species of habitat. This 8-page fact sheet describes many of the current …

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