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Now is the Time to Prune Roses

The process of pruning roses. Image Credit Matthew Orwat   Many rose enthusiasts ask every season? When do I prune my roses? The general recommendation is February 15th. If that recommendation is followed it’s usually not harmful, though climate can be very different from the coast to the state line . Therefore, my typical answer is to advise gardeners to prune roses …

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Best Time to Prune is Now Till Bud Break

Why Prune? •          Control plant size or form •          Remove damage (mechanical, disease, etc.) •          Prevent potential damage (overlapping branches, poor crotch angles, diseases, etc. •          Stimulate new growth (rejuvenate old plants, fill bare areas, increase flowering, etc.)   When to prune: •          Corrective pruning due to injury or dead tissue should be done as soon …

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