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Do Constricting Snakes Really Kill Their Prey by Suffocation?

Most people, including myself, have been taught this. Snakes are in an unusual situation of trying to kill prey with no hands or claws. A few can inject venom, others either swallow it whole (such as an egg) or the coil around their prey “suffocating” it – or so we thought. It has been my …

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April Showers Bring May… Snakes

This rhyme has been around for decades suggesting that rain increases during the month of April.  In recent years the amount we have received has caused local flooding, and most in Escambia County will remember receiving 26” of rain in 24 hours! These heavy localized rain events have certainly removed pollen from the air but …

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Living with Florida Snakes

Warming temperatures have awaken snakes that have been dormant during the winter months.  As a result, they are more active during abnormal times of the day and move more than they typically do while searching for food.  This also means more people are likely to encounter with them. Even though most snakes are nonvenomous, many people …

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Living With Snakes… 2013, Year of the Snake

The Timber Rattler, also known as the Canebrake Rattlesnake can grow to over 6 feet. Commonly found in damp woodland environments. Photo Courtesy of Molly O’Connor The Southeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation has dubbed 2013 as the “Year of the Snake”.  There are many animals that strike fear in humans but little cause …

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Snakes: They Are On The Move

This 4 Foot Eastern Diamondback Found This Week In The Edge Of A Peanut Field In Santa Rosa County You are most likely to encounter a snake when the temperature is neither too hot or too cool. This means you chances of seeing a snake in the great outdoors during the middle of the day …

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