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Soil Health and Cover Crop Group to Meet April 1

We know not to plant crotalaria now and the County Agent doesn’t wear a tie anymore, but Jefferson County and cover crops still go together.  Photo Credit: Estimated date of photo is 1920′s from the State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/12 The first meeting of a Florida soil health/cover crop working group will be …

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So, You Have Alkaline Soil…

So you have alkaline soil… What next? Throughout the Panhandle, a common problem that often arises is finding a way to raise soil pH. This is due to the fact that we often encounter sandy, acid soils in this region. An often overlooked issue is explaining the process of gardening in a soil that tends to be more alkaline …

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Soil Temperatures for Vegetable Seed Germination

  A bountiful harvest Every winter, many Florida homeowners enjoy growing their own vegetable plants.  It is definitely cheaper to buy vegetable seeds than vegetable transplants, and some vegetables grow better when direct seeded. One factor to take into consideration when planning a vegetable garden is that each vegetable has a different germination response to …

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Optimum Soil Fertility is an Essential Part of Weed Control

Herbicides can be used to control the weeds, but without good fertility and a healthy stand of grass, the weeds will return.  Photo Credit: Doug Mayo   Brent Sellers, RCREC Extension Weed Specialist; Jay Ferrell, UF/IFAS Extension Weed Specialist; & Joao Vendramini, RCREC Forage Extension Specialist There have traditionally been few options for controlling weeds …

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Soil Testing Can Save You Money Later

  Soil Sampling ProbeImage Credit: Eddie Powell Often, vegetable gardeners that I work with through the Walton County Extension office pose the question: Why should I take a soil sample? I always answer that soil testing will determine whether lime and fertilizer need to be applied to the soil to support good plant growth. Soil sampling …

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Soggy Soil Can Make Plants Sick

This summer parts of the Florida Panhandle have been blessed with ample rain, but coupled with high temperatures, this can be both a blessing and a curse. Adequate moisture is critically important to landscape plants during hot weather, but too much rain or excessive watering also can bring problems. Wet soil combined with high temperatures …

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Soil Test: Prepare Now for a Bountiful Harvest Later

    To be sure, this week’s warm spring-like weather and refreshing rains have reminded many gardeners that it is about time to prepare this year’s vegetable and flower beds. Before home gardeners fertilize or lime, however, it is vital to understand the condition of the soil.   One of the easiest methods to assess …

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Soil Test First!

Matthew Orwat, Horticulture Agent I, Washington County Extension Last week’s warm spring-like weather has reminded producers that it is time to prepare this year’s fertility  management plan. This reminder is timely because there is still time to prepare for the growing season ahead. Before producers add fertilize or lime, however, it is vital to understand …

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Fields Flooded By Tropical Storm Debby? Another Soil Test May Be Necessary

Tropical Storm Debby left many north Florida fields flooded. The standing water may be cause to soil test before adding fertilizer and lime even if the plot has been soil tested recently. Tropical Storm Debby delivered some much needed rain to many Florida Counties, albeit in a rather short amount of time. These flooded fields …

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Why Fertilize Your Vegetable Garden Soil

Eddie Powell Extension Horticultural Courtesy Agent I Walton County pep5@ufl.edu With spring in full swing many Florida homeowners are gearing up to grow their own vegetables. The most frequently asked question this time of year is, “why do I need to fertilize my soil?” The answer is simple – – not all nutrients are present in …

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