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It is Not Too Early to Start Tracking Peanut Maturity

Figure 1. Peanut plant with flowers, pegs, several stages of young pods, and nearly mature pods. Photo credit: Barry Tillman Barry Tillman, UF/IFAS Peanut Breeder You may think it is too soon to start thinking about peanut maturity. After all, thanks to a cool, wet spring, most farms have only recently finished planting!  However, maturity …

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Time to Start Scouting Cotton for Plant Bugs

Tarnished Plant Bug. Photo credit: Russ Ottens, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org Our oldest planted cotton has started squaring and it’s time to start scouting fields for plant bugs. For the past several years the tarnished plant bug has been ranked nationally as the number one cotton insect pest in terms of yield losses. This has …

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Vaseygrass in your Bermuda hayfield? Start your management now!

Mature Vaseygrass with seed headPhoto by James H. Miller & Ted Bodner, Southern Weed Science Society, Bugwood.org When you think of hay in the third week of January, you are probably wondering whether you’ll have enough hay to last until grass greens up in the spring. However, now is the time to develop your plan …

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Landscape Design–Now is the Time to Start!

The branching structure of crape myrtles makes an impact to landscapes even in winter time. Photo credit: Beth Bolles Most people associate yard work with the spring and summer, but if you’re considering a major redesign of a home landscape, now is a great time to start.  Without the vegetation on deciduous trees, it’s easy …

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Wake Up to a Healthy Start

Fuel your brain with a healthy, balanced breakfast. Waking up is hard enough to do, but it is especially difficult for people who are not “morning” people, who would like to avoid that time of day altogether, and who don’t generally want breakfast.  Nevertheless, the sun is still going to rise, people still have to …

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Some Corn is off to a Slow Start

You can see variability across the field. Lingering cool springtime temperatures have been a pleasure for farmers and fieldworkers, but some local corn fields have not fared as well. Below are a few photos from an irrigated field in the western panhandle which had as much attention a corn field could get. The producer based …

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