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Do the Math First Before Purchasing Feed to Supplement Hay

Washington County bahiagrass hay. Despite the producer’s best efforts, it is unlikely that this hay will be able to meet the nutritional demands of a lactating brood cow. Some supplementation will be required to ensure that cattle performance is not suppressed. Photo Credit: Mark Mauldin Two general statements to begin the discussion: Florida grass hay …

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Carinata Meal: A Potential Feed Supplement

A field of carinata growing at the UF/IFAS North Florida Research & Education Center, Quincy Florida. Photo Credit: David Wright, UF/IFAS Nicolas DiLorenzo and Tessa Schulmeister, University of Florida NFREC, Marianna Florida Around this time of year as days begin to shorten, we are reminded that the time is approaching when we need to think …

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Bee Pastures Supplement Hive Nutrition and Enhance Honey Production

Bee Balm (purple flower) and Partridge Pea (yellow flower in background) are two of the many types of plants to consider planting in a Bee Pasture. Bee Pastures can help increase the abundance and health of honey bees and native pollinators. Photo by Judy Ludlow Introduction and Background I am willing to bet that a …

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