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Watermelon Novel Bacterial Leaf Spot Research Update

Fig. 1. Symptoms of the Pseudomonas syringae leaf spot on watermelon Pseudomonas Syringae Leaf Spot on Watermelon Mathews Paret, Eric Newberry, Nick Dufault, Josh Freeman, Bob Hochmuth, Anthony Drew, David Langston and Jeff Jones Florida and Georgia are the two largest producers of watermelon in the United States with 48,000 acres under production and a …

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Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Update

Figure 1. Summary of the total overwinter colony loss (October 1 – April 1) of managed honey bee colonies in the US across the 8 annual national surveys (red bars). The acceptable range (blue bars) is the average percentage of acceptable loss declared by the survey participants in each of the 8 years of the …

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Update on UF/IFAS Winter Biofuel Crop Study

The netting prevents the Etiopian Mustard breeding lines from out-crossing in the NFREC-Quincy breeding trials. David Wright,  Jim Marois, and Nicholas DeLorenzo, researchers at the University of Florida’s North Florida Research and Education Center (UF/IFAS NFREC), are leading an effort with support from the Florida Department of Consumer Services (FDACS), Mustard 21 (Canada), Agrisoma (Canada), …

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Panhandle Weather Update January 14

January 2014 was a rough month in the Florida Panhandle.  Unusually cold weather kicked off the month and then sleet, ice and even a little snow shut down major highways. For the month of January, the wettest location was Carabelle with 6.1 inches of rainfall, and the driest was  Marianna, collecting only 2.1 inches.  The …

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What the Buzz About Bees? An Update from the Beekeeping Trade Show

On November 1-2, 2013, the Northwest District Agriculture and Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Agents Program Implementation Teams collaborated to offer classes during the annual Beekeeping Field Day and Tradeshow held in Chipley, FL. Attendees learn about bee hive maintenance. This third-annual event was part of the Florida State Beekeepers Association yearly conference and had …

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2013 Lionfish Summit; update on FWC meeting in Cocoa Beach

It seems everyone in the Panhandle is talking about the invasive lionfish. This non-native member of the scorpionfish family was first seen in U.S. waters in 1989 near Ft. Lauderdale.  Over the last two decades, much has been learned about the biology and potential impacts of lionfish in our waters; For additional background information you …

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Crapemyrtle Research and Disease Management Update: Thursday,October 31; FL Pesticide and FNGLA CEUs available

     Please follow this link to download a PDF version of this flyer Author: Matthew Orwat – mjorwat@ufl.edu Matthew J. Orwat started his career with UF / IFAS in 2011 and is the Horticulture Extension Agent for Washington County Florida. His goal is to provide educational programming to meet the diverse needs of and …

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Panhandle August Weather Update

National Weather Service estimates for August rainfall in the Tri-states Region.  Rainfall estimates for the region ranged from 4 to over 15″. The rain just keeps on coming.  August was another wet month and many farms and ranches in the Florida Panhandle are saturated.  The National Weather Service estimates much of the Panhandle received more …

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Green Industry Update: Fall 2013

  Pesticide training: Being licensed means complying with the law – but it also means you can run your business better and smarter. The licensing course will provide you with information you will use every day – on issues like laws, safety, labeling, and integrated pest management.  Even more, having a license will give you …

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Peanut Maturity Update

Peanuts across the Panhandle have variable maturity right now. Peanut maturity is a key factor that determines yield and grade of peanuts. Since peanuts are an indeterminate crop, they set their fruit over a long period of time as opposed to all at once. The variability of pod maturity can sometimes make it difficult to …

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