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Washington County Update – Everything is Growing

White mold has been found in Washington County peanuts. Frequent rains over the past week have everything growing rapidly, weeds included. Rust in soybeans, white mold in peanuts and beans, and leaf spot in cotton have made appearances. Almost everyone is behind on their spray schedule which is a big concern. Some fields in south …

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Washington County Update

Washington County cattle are enjoying the results of ample rain Timely showers have crops in very good shape. Corn harvest is underway. Peanuts, cotton and soybeans are progressing nicely.  Hay harvest is halted until fair weather but forages are continue to grow rapidly.  The condition of cattle is good with good pasture production. Submitted by …

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Washington County: Crop Conditions Good

Temperatures in the 90′s and high humidity may open-the-door to white mold in peanuts Summer rains are coming on a regular basis and with sufficient quantity. Corn, cotton, soybeans and peanuts are all looking very good, better than they have in the past three years. Pressure from Army Worms is still a problem in fertilized …

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Washington County Update

Melon harvesting is actively underway in Washington County The ample rains last week made a big difference towards improving the overall crop condition. Pasture conditions continue to improve with the availability of additional moisture. Field work is active and back on schedule for late June. Growers are taking advantage of the clear weather to catch …

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Additional Rains Improve Washington County Situation

Recent rains have improved Washington County's forage situation Rains over the past week have greatly improved crop and pasture conditions in Washington County.  The watermelon, sweet corn, and vegetable harvests are proceeding at a rapid pace. Peanuts and cotton are responding well to recent rains. Cattle conditions are improving along with refreshed pastures.  The wet conditions halted hay …

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Washington County Conditions Improve, Melon Harvest Underway

Recent rains have improve pasture conditions and forage potential. Rains this week have provided enough moisture for Washington County farmers to resume planting. A byproduct of the recent dry weather is weed control has been difficult for crops in some fields.  Herbicides are not as effective, if at all, when the targeted plant is not …

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Washington County Farmers Taking Advantage of Hit-or-Miss Rain

Washington County grazing has improved in places with the recent rains Recent rains have been spotty, hitting some farms and missing others. However peanut and cotton growers are quickly taking advantage of available moisture for soil preparation and planting those areas of the county with adequate moisture. Improving pasture quality and quantity is reducing the …

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Rain Helps Washington County Farmers, but Northern Corn Leaf Blight Nearby

  The Washington County squash harvest is currently underway. Wednesday’s rain in Washington County provided much relief to extreme dry conditions. Some field work began Friday, May 11, 2012 planting cotton and peanuts.  Pastures and hay fields are responding to the rain as well.  Squash harvest is currently underway and sweet corn is about two weeks …

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Dry Conditions Still Slowing Washington County Production

Soil conditions continue to be very dry and field work has stopped until some rain arrives in sufficient quantities. Spring ryegrass hay is being fed now instead of the winter ahead. Oat harvest has started in some parts of the county. However, the oat harvest peak is a week or two away. Some varieties of …

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Washington County Farmers Waiting For The Next Rain

Generally, soil conditions are very dry in Washington County. High winds early in the week of April 23, 2012, greatly stressed vine crops (melons). Pastures are critically short of moisture and need rain, as do most fields undergoing land preparation. Several fields of wheat are diseased. Approximately 150 acres of Pioneer wheat didn’t vernalize and will …

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